What does Delores Thomas do with her extra bonus checks? With this week’s check she bought a great sound system and shiny rims for one of the hottest- looking cars in Bermuda!

Traveling to beautiful places is even better with your spouse; for Ann and Art, every trip is a vacation!

Just another average day at work…in Bermuda.

Art presenting to over 100 excited distributors and prospects at the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.

While jetting over the Atlantic on a recent trip to Bermuda, a couple sitting across the aisle from us leans over and the wife says:

“I don’t mean to bother you—but you and your wife seem to be having so much fun! I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. From the sounds of it, you wake up when you’re done sleeping; travel where you want, when you want, for as long as you want; meet up with friends, have a ton of fun…and make money doing it?! Could you tell me, what exactly is it you do for a living?”

I reply with a big smile: “We’re network marketers! Would you like me to show you how you can get in on the fun?”

And that’s exactly what “Art Jonak’s Travel Report” is about. I’ll share some great prospecting tips so you can build a large, fun and profitable network marketing business—and I’ll share photos with you from everywhere we go as I travel the world with my wife Ann, building our network marketing business.

Which Methods Work Best?

While we’re in Bermuda I work with Delores Thomas, one of the greatest natural network marketing leaders I know. People often ask Delores, “How do you find prospects to talk to?”

Her reply is great! She says, “There are lots of methods to locate and create prospects. And they all work—if you learn how to use each method correctly.”

She is so right! You’ll often hear distributors say, “Advertising doesn’t work…”—but is this true? Of course not. Of course advertising works. We all know it. (If it didn’t, then who’s paying for all those TV commercials, and why do they keep doing it?)

What the distributor should be saying is, “My advertising doesn’t work.” Once you take that personal responsibility, then your prospecting choices start to make sense. If your advertising doesn’t work, then you have two choices:

1) Invest the time and money to learn how to make your advertising work so you can compete successfully with other advertisers, or

2) If you’d rather not make that investment, then simply choose a different method of prospecting.

I’ve heard this one, too: “Direct mail doesn’t work.” Is that true? Of course not. Direct mail absolutely works. Look in your mailbox and you’ll see plenty of direct mail weekly. The truth is, that distributor’s direct mail didn’t work. So the distributor has those same two choices: invest and learn how to make direct mail work, or choose a different method.

A distributor recently told me, “There are no good prospects on the Internet.”

I replied, “Wait—aren’t you on the Internet?”

Yes, you can find a lot of great prospects using the Internet—once you learn how.

What else doesn’t work? You’ll hear distributors say, “Internet marketing doesn’t work,” “Cold calls don’t work,” “Opportunity meetings don’t work,” “Referrals don’t work,” “Postcards don’t work,” and “Luncheons don’t work.” In fact, if you listen to enough distributors, pretty soon you’ll come to the conclusion that nothing works!

And of course, the opposite is true. Everything works. But the same truth applies to every one of these prospecting methods. Once you pick a method, you need to learn how to use that method—or pick another method.

Networking Times has plenty of methods and resources for prospecting in each jam-packed issue. You won’t like them all. Some won’t apply to your business or your personality. The important thing is to find at least one method that you do like, one method you can do, then learn how to use that method effectively—and then go out and build a powerful downline organization!

ART JONAK is a Networking Univeristy faculty member,
a successful network marketing leader and widely respected trainer.