Does what you believe determine how successful you are in your business? Does what you think and believe help you build a better network? You better believe it!

You have to believe you can make it in direct selling. Once you do, you will do everything in your power to make that happen. You have to believe in your company and the profession itself—but most of all, you have to believe that you are helping others to improve their lives.

When I started in direct selling, my business was often sporadic and the paychecks were not coming in as consistently as I would have liked. I thought, “If this business doesn’t get going pretty soon, I’ll be forced to go back to my full-time job.” I sat around feeling sorry for myself. The people I sponsored were not very successful and I was having a hard time reaching the first achievement level.

Something had to change. So I made a list.

In one column, I wrote down everything I could think of that was negative about the business. In the other column, I wrote down all of the positive aspects. The positive things greatly outnumbered the negative. I knew that if this business was going to work for me, I needed to focus on the good—and only the good. Could I do that? Not only could I do it, I had to do it, because my bad attitude was spreading to my new consultants.

About that time I attended a Zig Ziglar seminar and bought his “How to Stay Motivated” course—and I have listened to that program and many others like it for over twenty-five years now. I have learned that what goes into my mind will determine my actions. I can be successful if I believe it!—and the same is true for you.

What can you do now to achieve better results?

1) Make your list of positives and negatives in the business and encourage your new consultants to do the same.

2) Commit to focus your time on the positives. That doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge the negatives, but once you’ve dealt with a problem, move on.

3) Read motivational and inspirational books and listen to motivational and inspirational audio programs.

4) Develop positive mantras you can repeat to your self during the course of the day.

5) Invest in the Mind Makeover Magic program to record your mantras, put them to music and listen to them daily.

6) Believe in your heart that you have something awesome to offer to anyone who is willing to try, and that the best is yet to come.

Everything is possible when you believe.

Karen Phelps has been involved in direct sales for twenty-two
years and is on the faculty of Networking University.