The Mindset of Continuous Improvement

By Keith McEachern

No one is born to success and leadership in network marketing. You evolve into it—and then you continue to evolve.

You become a successful leader simply by choosing to do the things that successful leaders do. Have resolve to model correct behaviors. Commit to applying the axiom: Sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.

It’s all about belief. It is when your belief rises to a level that stirs passion, that your soul is inspired to do great works. Be a fountain of belief about your products, your service or opportunity. Direct people to the wellspring of belief that emanates from corporate and top field leadership. Get your people close to that source of inspiration by insisting that they participate in events from the moment they enroll. Teach them, “stay close, go far.”

You get paid for one thing: the inherent value in the story of your opportunity. Keep telling your story—it’s the clearest indication of your continued belief. Teach others to do the same.

Don’t let your belief become distracted. You may be lulled into recruiting inactivity by the promise or reputation of your most recent recruit, thinking you’ll be so busy with him or her, you won’t need anyone else. Have the discipline to press on. Impress the newly enrolled with your urgency.

Ask for what you want. Don’t you deserve a new partner who says what he means and means what he says? Who recognizes that it will take a lot of hard work over many hurdles to succeed? Be willing to ask your prospects if that’s who they are.

Develop a radar for powerful attitude. Make a list of every word you can think of that describes the kind of person you would love to sponsor into your business. “Enthusiastic, friendly, supportive, hard-working,” etc. Then evaluate each word on your list: is this a talent, or an attitude? Every crucial trait will be an attitude.

Understand that it’s all a test. A particular style or method that works in one place, at one time and with one person will not necessarily work in another place and time with a different person. Never stop testing different methods and approaches. There is no “perfect system.” Keep evolving—and keep exhibiting that crucial trait that brought you into network marketing in the first place: open-mindedness.

The status quo is your enemy. Staying stationary at one specific achievement level or volume is the antithesis of success. Be a person who works hard to constantly move your own mark forward—and then proceed to close the gap. Never stop growing!

KEITH MCEACHERN was a featured Master Networker Sept/Oct 2005 issue.