Over the nearly thirty years I’ve been involved in network marketing, I have seen amazing changes and advances in technology and the different methods of

reaching out. What hasn’t changed are some foundational principles: what works, and what doesn’t work.

So many people have come and gone, and some, if they had just not quit, would now be enjoying incredible incomes simply by hanging in there! This business is easy to start, and it’s also easy to stop. The first mindset should be, “Never give up!” Don’t quit before payday!

The mindset that works is one of vision and belief. Cast the vision for your team; believe in yourself, our incredible profession, and your company. At a recent national conference, a leader approached me and said, “I’m a struggling Area Manager; can you give me some advice?” My answer was, “Yes—start

by not calling yourself a struggling Area Manager!” As Dr. Shad Helmstetter says, “Be careful what you say when you talk to yourself.”

The mindset that works is leading by example. Stay in the field to consistently spread the seeds. Manage your expectations by understanding that some seeds won’t take, some will go dry, some will be eaten by birds (dream stealers), but some will take root—and grow exponentially.

The mindset that works is confidence and sincerity. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Paint an honest picture of your opportunity and of the commitment and work ethic it takes to be successful; doing so builds trust. Listen to discover if your opportunity or product is a good fit for your prospect.

The mindset that works is doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. What doesn’t work is saying, “Whatever it takes”—because unfortunately, some will do things that are unethical (or even illegal!) to get to the top. This is not a race. You want to build a solid foundation that will last as you leave your legacy. Be a motivator, not a manipulator. Protect and preserve your culture by raising the bar of expectation for excellence.

The mindset that works is keep it simple and duplicable. Our job is to grow leaders. It’s about making a difference, creating balance and financial peace. That is my mission statement. Create your own mission statement and define your own mindset for success, and your organization will duplicate it.

DONNA JOHNSON is a former swimming coach who now
enjoys coaching people to swim to the top in their
own network marketing businesses.