My personal philosophy is committed to excellence and committed to winning. When you apply that life philosophy to network marketing, it really dictates the actions that you take on a daily basis.

You don’t begin a networking business with large amounts of capital. The resources that build your success are your time, energy, focus and passion. Because your success is dictated by the success of others, and since it is easier to build this type of business fast than slow and steady, excellence is achieved by delivering income—both to yourself and to others—within a short period of time. Your personal example inspires others, and by helping others earn money quickly, you set the pace for the entire organization.

I work immediately to get my key team members full-time as soon as possible. Networking is known for the flexibility of a part-time business; but to be the best, I have to build from the strength of full-time, committed people. The only way that will happen is if they are making money.

Speed is accomplished by three-way calls and meeting support, maximizing the pay plan to help people get big checks quickly, building under key team members to solidify the legs (to create additional momentum) and holding people accountable for their activity on a daily basis. I don’t treat this like a hobby, I treat it like a multi-million dollar business. I expect productivity, or I find someone else to commit to.

To set an example of excellence, I always keep my personal recruiting numbers high—that eliminates any excuses from those who are not performing.

Attitude is everything! You cannot control who will buy your products, who will join your business, who will become a leader in your business or what corporate is doing. But you can and must control your attitude and your activity. It is not what happens to you or the circumstances that occur in life; it is only how you choose to think about what happens.

We become what we think about. As a leader, you want to choose only empowering, life-affirming thoughts that lead you in the direction of what you consciously choose to create.

Do you believe you are creating a multi-million dollar business? Do you believe you are positively affecting the lives of tens of thousands of people? What are your core beliefs? If they are not leading you to what you consciously want to accomplish then change your beliefs. If you change your beliefs, you change your life.

JETT is a network marketing leader who lives in Hawaii.
He was the featured Master Networker in our May 2003 issue.