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May/Jun 2006    
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Scott Allen
Lead Story:
Scott Allen

Thomas Power
NT Interview:
Thomas Power

Rick & Lori Jordan
Master Networker:
Rick Jordan

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The Virtual Handshake
Scott Allen is the man who literally “wrote the book” on networking online. The Virtual Handshake has gotten rave reviews and become the de facto guide to virtual networking. Scott also serves as “Entrepreneurs Guide” for and coauthors a regular column for, and he has often written about network marketing—both its successes and its shortcomings. Seasoned networkers, says Scott, are often suspicious of seasoned network marketers—and both worlds have a good deal they can learn from each other.

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The Internet Is Female!
As chairman of the eight-year-old Ecademy and author of the acclaimed ebook, Networking for Life, Thomas Power is one of the world’s top experts on virtual networking. In this fascinating interview, Thomas explains (among other things): why the Internet is female; why it didn’t work that well the first time round and is working quite differently now; and why network marketers are often shunned in online networks.

Rediscovering a Passion
Physician Francisco DeLaCruz always had a dream of offering free medical care to impoverished citizens in the Dominican Republic, his native country—but as his success as a doctor grew, his dream only receded further. Through his new career as a network marketer, he was able to regain and realize his dream.

The Time of Their Lives
As a bank president, Sherman Unkefer had it made—until the banking crises of the eighties left him out of work, out of money and out of a plan. He and his wife Sharon discovered a new career track in network marketing—and now, twenty years later, they’ve found their dream opportunity.

Building It Right
Rick Jordan couldn’t have been happier or more successful running his family business—or so he thought, until he found himself unexpectedly sitting on the board of directors of a new network marketing company, and began to realize what he’d been missing.

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