That’s right: live interactive training with some of the best trainers in network marketing—at a total cost of zero! Each Networking University Webinar is taught by a different master of his or her field. A simple click of a link will install the software you’ll need to be logged into our NU Webinar conference room. It’s that simple!

Sample Webinar Course Descriptions:

DOUG FIREBAUGH: The Secrets of Approaching People and Never Getting a Negative Response (Wednesday, May 10)
Are you making the typical mistakes that most people make when talking to people? Are you getting negative response after negative response? If you are, then you need to learn how to approach people using conversational tactics for any recruiting or retailing situation that never get a negative response. Discover the power of magnetic questions; learn the secrets to a familiar focus; absorb the hidden secrets of drop questions. Be bold and talk to everyone! How? Take this class and find out!

PAULA PRITCHARD: Recruiting Made Simple (Wednesday, May 24)
In this one-hour webinar Paula Pritchard will explain: the two major areas of focus in recruiting; three facts that will either make or break your success in recruiting; an incredible simple invitation for both warm and cold market that you can use over and over again with successful results; the components of a real recruiting system. Paula has built organizations of hundreds of thousands throughout the United States, Europe and over a dozen other countries and spent years perfecting her skills—and now she's offering them to you!

MARK YARNELL: The Ultimate Strategy for High Velocity Wealth (Tuesday, May 30)
The majority of individuals in network marketing do not believe or understand the potential of rapid, high-velocity cash flow accumulation. More importantly, most people have no concept of how easy it is to employ one simple strategy over a very short duration to produce quantum results. The purpose of this presentation is to explain succinctly how anyone engaged in this wonderful profession can make minor changes in a relatively short time which produce dramatic income results.

WENDY WEISS: Secrets of Prospecting Success (Tuesday, June 20)
Every successful network marketer has to face the reality of prospecting outside of her immediate warm market. In this session you will learn: why your cold market is never really "cold"; how to create an effective prospecting system that allows you to quickly uncover opportunity; a stress-free follow-up system that ensures you will not lose potential customers or business builders; and how to be persistent without being pushy.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
May/June 2006


5/2   Mitch Axelrod: The New Game of Selling: How to Attract, Convert and Keep More Customers
5/10 Doug Firebaugh: The Secrets of Approaching People and Never Getting a Negative Response
5/16 Troy Dooly: Leadership Landmines and How to Avoid Them
5/24 Paula Pritchard: Recruiting Made Simple
5/30 Mark Yarnell: The Ultimate Strategy for High-Velocity Wealth


6/6   Barry Donalson: Money, Network Marketing and You
6/14 Dale Calvert: Inside Secrets to Recruiting with Newspaper Advertising
6/20 Wendy Weiss: Secrets of Prospecting Success
6/27 Steve Siebold: Creating World-Class Results

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