In today’s world, networking is not a choice. Networking is everywhere. We’re doing it no matter what we call it. For me, the question is, “How can I network better and get more from the networking I do?”

This issue, as you read interviews with some of the pioneers of virtual networking, I want to suggest that you read with this question in mind: “Where are my own technology gaps?” My guess is that all of us will recognize areas where we can enhance our networking skills and practices.

In his brilliant book The Next Millionaires (which we reviewed last issue), Professor Paul Pilzer explains the idea of the “technology gap,” and says that wherever you find your personal technology gap, that is also where you’ll find your greatest immediate economic potential. He describes the technology gap as that gap that exists between the way we do something today and the already-developed better way of doing it that we haven’t yet utilized.

Even when we are made aware of these new technologies, many of us choose not to adopt them. We have a whole variety of excuses and judgments we make about why we won’t take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. As you become more aware of your technology gap, perhaps you will choose to embrace the opportunity instead of rejecting it—just as many of us chose network marketing after initial resistance. Perhaps you will step through your fear instead of letting fear stop you one more time. Perhaps you will open yourself to learning and growing instead of thinking, “I’ve reached my potential and I can’t learn any more.”

Networking University is here, among other reasons, to support you in discovering your technology gap and utilizing it to your advantage. Take advantage of our faculty; most have gone through the experiences you are having and have seen amazing economic and spiritual growth as a result. This wealth is offered to you weekly via our webinars and trainings. Only a few years ago, we would not have been able do this. Today technology enables us to fill this gap.

I encourage you to be bold! Join us as we uncover our personal technology gaps and help create this new world.

Remember, education changes everything!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University