We Sing the Body Electric!
Interconnectedness is the key to every success and abundance we seek. Each of us is a self-contained Internet!

If there is no “Harvard goal-setting study,” where did the idea come from?

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on the nature of online reality.

A panel of three guest editors ponder the question, “Has the Internet replaced belly-to-belly in your business?”

Conquer Your Niche!
Lawler Kang
“Every marketing maven in the world wants to own his niche.” Passion at Work author Lawler shows how to apply the principles of niche marketing to your own life—an interesting twist on the “own your own life” idea.

Podcasts and Gamers and Blogs, Oh My!
Peter Koeppel
Marketers who want to stay competitive in this high-tech world have to change with the times. Media expert Koeppel offers a high-tech primer on how to harness the power of four emerging communication technologies: blogs, podcasts, adver-gaming and mobile advertising.

Cutting a Clear Path to Success
Dr. Ellie Drake
The author explores both problems and solution in these seven common pitfalls in the entrepreneurial life: obsessive goal orientation; no goal-setting; lack of competitiveness; over-competitiveness; inconsistency; perfectionism; plateaus.

What Time Zone Are You In?
Dr. Bill & Julie Toth
The difference between those who play small and those who win large is in how they perceive time, and in which “time zone” they choose to live: the no-time zone; the part-time zone, the full-time zone; or the all-the-time zone.

Create a Map for Your Success
David Krueger, M.D.
Krueger, a noted executive coach and author of Live a New Life Story, offers an unusually comprehensive set of guidelines on how to not only set goals but
also follow through and achieve them.

Lessons from an Apple Tree
Teresa Romain
This issue, abundance coach Romain explores two common myths of abundance: 1) money makes you abundant (it’s the other way around, she says), and 2) money is the measure of success. About this last, she says, money can sometimes serve as a measure of progress, but not of success itself.

The Virtual Handshake
Scott Allen is the man who literally “wrote the book” on networking online. The Virtual Handshake has gotten rave reviews and become the de facto guide to networking virtually (one reviewer said, “This is the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for the Internet”). He also serves as “Entrepreneurs Guide” for and coauthors a regular column for Scott is also a regular reader of Networking Times, and has written frequently about network marketing—both its successes and its shortcomings. Seasoned networkers, says Scott, are often suspicious of seasoned network marketers—and both worlds have a good deal they can learn from each other.

The Internet Is Female!
As chairman of the eight-year-old, London, England–based Ecademy and author of the acclaimed ebook, Networking for Life, Thomas Power is one of the world’s top experts on virtual networking. In this fascinating interview, Thomas explains (among other things): why the Internet is female; why it didn’t work that well the first time round and is working quite differently now; why network marketers are shunned in online networks; and why network marketing probably has a few decades to go before it becomes a mature profession.

Rediscovering a Passion
Physician Francisco DeLaCruz always had a dream of offering free medical care to impoverished citizens in the Dominican Republic, his native country—but as his success as a doctor grew, his dream only receded further and further. It was only once he discovered a new career as a network marketer that he was able to regain his dream—and realize it.

The Time of Their Lives
As a bank president, Sherman Unkefer had it made—until the banking crises of the eighties left him out of work, out of money and out of a plan. He and his wife Sharon discovered a new career track in network marketing—and now, after twenty years, some successes and some failures, they’ve found their dream opportunity and the beginnings of a global empire.

Building It Right
Rick Jordan couldn’t have been happier or more successful running his family business, an eighty-year-old insurance company. Or so he thought—until he found himself unexpectedly sitting on the board of directors of a new network marketing company, and began to realize just what it was he’d been missing.

Old Friends
Steve Diehl
Relative newcomer to the profession Steve Diehl offers these five tips to help make the business of contacting old friends more user-friendly: understand that they appreciate your taking the initiative; trust that it feels good to be back in touch; give it time; stay connected; and first and foremost, be a friend.

The Solo 401(k)
Doug Charney
The Solo 401(k), sometimes referred to as a “one-person 401(k),” has been much referred to in the past year, but seldom with any specifics or details. Doug Charney, a financial advisor with Wachovia, demystifies this relatively new investment vehicle and shows—with specifics—why it may be the wisest path for your savings.

Are You Begging for Business?
Todd Duncan
If you are, stop! “Beggars can’t be sellers,” says Killing the Sale author Duncan, and he explains exactly how to proceed through these five steps: say something new; be the first to add value; be the first to say thank you; respect your prospects’ time; and don’t stop once the sale seems imminent.

Tell Your Story
Chip Eichelberger
You’ve heard it before: “facts tell, but stories sell.” The truth is, facts don’t even tell any more! In the post-Information Age, information bores—and the only way to sell anyone anything is to tell a compelling story. Specifically, a story about your customer, or at least, someone just like him.

Successful Givers
Bob Burg
Ivan Misner has famously said, “Givers gain.” Veteran networker Burg illustrates the principle with real-life examples drawn from the lives and careers of some of his superstar-networker friends: Terri Murphy (the “Fourteen-Million-Dollar Woman”), Sean Woodruff, Stephanie West Allen, and Bea Salabi.

The Challenge
John David Mann
We say we’re network marketers—but the truth is, so far, we mostly just market. The shocking truth is, the great majority of network marketers haven’t yet learned how to network—and once we do, the profession will finally gain the widespread legitimacy it has long sought.