To anyone in the online world who knows of Thomas Power, it’s a name synonymous with human connectivity. As chairman and founder of, he leads one of the world’s largest online communities where business people connect. His vision for “A Friend in Every City,” while ambitious, is already very real—the community serves as a hub for its 72,000 members in 154 countries and is growing rapidly. Around the clock, its members constantly share ideas, contacts and knowledge in hundreds of special interest groups in this accelerator of serendipity.

Ask anyone in his massive network of contacts about Thomas, and you’ll likely hear about a man who is trustworthy, open, responsive and incredibly generous. The man personally meets with 1,000 new people each and every year. That’s right: one thousand new people. His philosophy is that networking is about taking an active role in the lives of others, where 98 percent of your efforts are about giving, and only 2 percent for taking. “The more you give, the more you receive,” he says. It’s something we all understand, yet few embody this idea like Thomas Power does.

In Networking for Life, Power captures this reality of a life focused on rich interconnectedness with people everywhere. He describes the beliefs, values, habits and “inner game” of a master relationship builder and the profound social and economic benefits that come with the territory. In his own words, “Networking…is, in a very simple sense, the practice of openness… When we network, we make ourselves open to people and to ideas. We suspend our interest in predefined outcomes. We come out to play. We are ourselves.” He believes that one day, everyone will recognize networking as the most important business and life skill, and by making it a central activity in our lives, it plays the vital role of “insurance, and ultimately, a pension: an essential safety net to ensure your professional and social well-being going forward.”

Next, he delves into the mechanics of networking by highlighting the importance of volume: meeting as many people as possible, not to find out how they can help you, but instead to share your contacts and knowledge with them. In the subsequent chapters, he lays out guidelines for various networking environments, from the essential tools available on the Ecademy community, to step-by-step approaches for maximizing the value you receive from live events. He shares his wisdom from twenty years of experience in a charming, thought-provoking manner, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning your journey, reading Networking for Life will prove itself an invaluable field guide in helping you grow a vast network of relationships. Most importantly, you’ll be making a difference in all those lives you touch along the way.

E-book, 190 pages, $10.00,