There are six reasons why using instant messaging beats the “belly-to-belly” approach to network marketing: 1) direct access to more people; 2) targeting the right people is easier; 3) people are easier to approach; 4) rejection is eliminated; 5) it’s more convenient; 6) it’s more fun!

1. Direct Access to More People

Instant messaging gives everyone direct access to more people than any other method of business building. The new three-foot rule in networking is this: “When you’re sitting in front of your computer, you’re within three feet of the 350,000,000 people who are online every day!”

Instant messaging has made long distance a thing of the past. Networking with instant messaging permits you to meet people you would never meet otherwise. You can instant message a stranger across town, or on another continent. You can use it to meet people locally and invite them to your next business briefing or home party. From the comfort of your home, you can connect with people in cities where your company holds regional or national conventions and meet them there when you travel to the event. You can even establish relationships with people in other countries where your company does business—and you won’t need a passport to do it. 

2. Targeting Is Easier

With instant messaging, you can target exactly the type of person you’d like to talk to about your business. If you prefer talking to doctors, teachers, stay-at-home moms or any other specific group about your business, it’s far easier to find them online and talk to them than to try to randomly run into them.

Many instant messaging systems offer a member directory that permits the user base to publish personal information about themselves that will be visible to everyone using the system. You can search for people who have specific words in their Internet profiles, and thereby target the best people to talk to. You can actually find and talk to a physician online more easily than you could by trying to make an appointment to see him in his office! It’s also easy to find people who share your passion for a hobby and make a new friend.

3. People Are Easier to Approach Online

Sending an instant message to someone is an easy way to connect with a stranger online. When you create an appealing screen name and profile, you’re almost immediately liked by everyone you contact. Let’s face it, people like talking to people who like the same things they do or who are in the same line of work. Don’t you?

4. Avoid Rejection

Rejection disappears on the Internet, simply because you know in advance all about the stranger you’re attempting to contact. The Internet profiles people post about themselves help you identify the people you want to talk to—and more importantly, the people you want to avoid.

Picking out the best people to talk to online is as easy as picking green M&M’s out of a bowl of candy. You can get eight out of ten people you approach online to take a serious look at your business, instead of dealing with the traditional rejection that comes with attempting to talk to strangers in the face-to-face world.

5. It’s Convenient

You can use instant messaging any time, any place, anywhere to connect to another person. In fact, you’ll find you have hundreds of wonderful choices of people to choose from. You can use it to talk/chat with someone you know, or to a complete stranger. You have access to millions of people who are online at the same time you are—and through instant messaging, you’re free to contact any of them when you know where to find them.

6. It’s More Fun

The reason most people fail in network marketing is that they run out of people to talk to and stop building their business. In fact, the Internet can even replace your warm market. You’ll be amazed at the thousands of wonderful people who are online who share your interests, values and experiences and who are waiting to hear from you. You can make a new friend in minutes. It’s often easier to talk to a stranger about your business than it is to talk to your best friends.

Denis Waitley recently wrote, “If you’re not familiar with the information superhighway, you’ll be road kill on it. If you’re not using the technology of the future, you’ll be relegated to living in the past.” Savvy network marketers now realize that instant messaging is a valuable tool they can use to stay in touch with the people that they know, as well as to create wonderful relationships with new people.

MAX STEINGART has been the Internet Mentor for the network
marketing profession since 1997; he is also on the faculty of Networking University.