Over the last few decades, the ability to get and stay connected to the rest of the world has grown more and more accessible to all. Three years ago, who would have imagined that we would be able to simply hold our cell phones next to each other and transfer our contact information through the air? And could we have even begun to guess, only ten years ago, how dramatically and thoroughly the Internet would have shifted our world into being one of connection, communication and instant networking?

We can all point to a myriad of applications and practical benefits from these technological advances, but the bottom line is this: interconnectedness is the key to every success and abundance we seek.

What we’re seeing happen around us and between us and among us is simply an external expression of our own intrinsic makeup. We are each made up bodily of a vast number of energetic molecules and particles. All these atoms buzzing around know inherently that they must work in concert with each other in order to feed the system, from swallowing to digestion; maintain the system, by knowing how to pump blood to the body’s farthest reaches, from toe to earlobe; and knit the system back together again when something within the body seeks energetic recharge or realignment with the whole system. Each of us is a self-contained Internet!

And here’s what I find especially fascinating: while the body keeps all these atoms moving in military precision, our mind creates actual physical leaps of electrical energy across gaps in the brain. It’s said that when a person is concentrating and creating diligently, the electrical impulses are so fast and frequent that they make one of nature’s electrical storms look like the meager sparks of a thirty-watt light bulb.

With the human body and its thinking mind as an example, we can build the kind of networking relationships among ourselves that will take us to much higher levels in our lives. By understanding the magic and miracle of every other person around us, we can begin to see that our support of each other—the feeding, maintaining and knitting back together—is absolutely essential to creating an optimal “body” of like-minded people with similar goals.

And, once the “body” is in alignment, the thinking element of that body—the creating, humming, magnificent developer of concerted leaps in activity—stays absolutely focused and on track toward the goal at hand!

Think of the astonishingly vast creative power we possess, and the far-reaching changes we can bring into being, by networking ourselves together as one body!

BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.