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The Netmillionaire System
Lead Story:
NetMillionaire Training System

Mitch Axelrod
NT Interview:
Mitch Axelrod

Dr. Daria Davidson
Master Networker:
Dr. Daria Davidson

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Lessons from a Board Game
Over lunch one day, a trio of trainers with a diverse set of backgrounds — Ross Arntson, Rob Hannley and Pamela “Zee” Ziemann — found they shared not only similar interests, but an identical dream: to create a new type of training that would have a genuine impact on the world of networking. A few years later, after months of brainstorming and many months more of beta-testing with networkers of all levels of experience, the three have produced a unique result: the “NetMillionaire Training System.”

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The New Game of Network Marketing
Since the early 1990s, Mitch Axelrod has been talking about an abrupt and radical shift he sees in the world of business, which he calls The New Game of Business. We recently sat down with Mitch (whom Alex Mandossian calls “the Bruce Springsteen of personal development”) to talk about how the new rules of this New Game are transforming our business, and why the world of network marketing will never be the same.

After the Tsunami
Even as the flood waters of the tsunami began receding and the world began to tally the horrific toll of devastation, Gordon Morton and his colleagues were on their way to Thailand to see the situation first-hand and hunt for a viable way they could make a significant contribution. The project they found has given new meaning to the aphorism, “Don’t feed them fish—help them fish for a lifetime.”

Persistence and Payoff
Broke and determined, after losing his life savings in a bad real estate market, James Clendenin went on a ten-year search for success in networking, only to find failure at every turn—to the dismay of his sweetheart Jennifer. Today, Mr. and Mrs. Clendenin are partners in the business—and at the top of their game.

The Doctor Is In…the Business
Dr. Daria Davidson’s life could hardly be busier. She ran a major level-one trauma center, had a full practice, taught at several colleges, was education department head and served on major medical boards. Then she was handed her own cancer diagnosis—and that changed everything.

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