Most successful networkers agree that three-way calls are the single most powerful and effective business-building tool we have.

Three-way calling is a service you add through your local phone company that allows you to be talking with one person, then call and add a second person into the conversation. It costs a few dollars a month. If you are a networker, you cannot live without it, period.

Here’s how it works. You’re on the phone with a person. You press the “Flash” button on your telephone (or, for those phones with no “Flash” button, you simply press the “Talk” or “On” button). Your three-way calling service now puts your first call on hold and gives you a fresh dial tone. Dial the new number you wish to reach, then press Flash again—and you are now on a live, three-way call.

To disconnect the new call, simply press Flash again and it disconnects your second caller…

Or did it?