Brian Biro’s “Top Three” on Play in Business

When it comes to “putting the play back in work,” three very different books illuminate simple, powerful and truly unstoppable insights and principles to breakthrough in your business and life. Each teaches us to put the fun back in fundamentals!

The Precious Present
By Spencer Johnson
Why: Because this book—all of a 20-minute read—will absolutely change your life. The single most important principle of leadership, building trust and finding joy in every precious moment, is to become fully present. This little masterpiece will grab your heart and shake it alive!

How Full Is Your Bucket?
By Tom Rath and Donald Clifton
Why: Because it is packed with wisdom and mounds of research to support every key lesson. The section on “five strategies for increasing positive emotions” will transform your spirit, attitude and approach to work and life.

The Joyful Spirit: How to Become the Happiest Person You Know!
By Brian Biro
Why: Because it is filled with inspirational stories that reveal—more clearly than anywhere else I have ever seen—that joy is your choice. (I’m a teensy bit embarrassed about this one, because I’m the author! But I’m including it anyway, because I believe that in it, you’ll discover crucial secrets to creating joy in yourself and all you touch.)

Karen Phelps’s “Love What You Do and Have Fun at Work” Top Three

What Happy People Know
By Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth
Why: Because if we are to have fun and love our work, we need to have fun and love ourselves. This book helps us identify what makes us happy and how we can create more happiness in our lives.

The Success Principles
By Jack Canfield
Why: Because Jack teaches you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. When you are truly where you want to be in life, you will love what you do and will be happy and content doing it!

Laugh and Get Rich
By Rick Segel and Darren LaCroix
Why: Because this book teaches you how to profit from humor in any business. It shares some principles I have lived by for my 20-plus years in direct selling. Fun sells, fun duplicates, and people love being around people who are having fun!

Brian Klemmer’s “Top Two” on Fun in Work

“Making” work fun is somewhat of a contradiction; for work to work, it has to already be fun. You either do what you enjoy—or you chicken out. That said, here are two of my favorites on the subject:

Yes You Can
By Jim Stovall (video)
Why: Jim is the only person I personally know who has won the Humanitarian of the Year award (alongside the likes of Mother Teresa). He has also won Entrepreneur of the Year award and owns a television network. Jim went blind in his twenties and has overcome that to become a huge success. His presentations are at the same time incredibly funny and uniquely moving. Let yourself be inspired as this remarkably successful businessman shows you how to enjoy life despite its challenges.

Winning the Greatest Game of All
By Randy J. Ward
Why: In school, most people don’t find math any fun, because they don’t see its relevancy. Randy compares doing the network marketing business to life. In so doing, he makes all one’s activities relevant, not only to the business but also to one’s everyday life. A most worthwhile read, even for old networking pros!