Dear University Students and Faculty,

When you enrolled in Networking University, you took action to support yourself and your team in achieving the highest levels of success in your chosen profession. I hope your association with the University has helped you to better define your “finish line,” and to build the skills and attitudes you’ll need to arrive there successfully.

I have appreciated your comments, encouragement and ideas over the past year. For example, one of our students, Bob Gallo, pointed out that it was difficult to achieve certification with the high percentage of credits requiring on-site training. Given the consistent student feedback on the high quality and value of our online webinars, we decided to increase the percentage of online webinar courses that may be counted toward certification to 60 percent.

Also (again, thanks to a suggestion from Bob Gallo), we are redesigning our software to allow us to offer certification credits for learning through our faculty’s books, CDs and DVDs. Our online testing component will help us ensure that students are getting what they need from this type of self-directed learning.

As a third change, we are placing more attention on certifying on-site programs that are available in other areas of the world. For example, the three-day Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars of T. Harv Eker are now certified for 10 credits in the Personal Development Department.

I also want to express our boundless appreciation for our faculty. From completing the rigorous course applications through delivering your high-quality trainings and supporting our students, your caring professionalism is superb. I know we have put stringent demands on you, and you have risen to the occasion and gone beyond. Our students sing your praises and appreciate you far more than you may know.

I wish for each of you an abundant and prosperous 2006. I will do my best to provide you with the best educational resources in our profession, at a reasonable cost, to assist you to your finish line.

Let’s have a great year!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University