No doubt, you know the one about the penny doubled every day: If you had the choice between having a million dollars today, or a single penny, doubled every day for a month, which would you choose? If you don’t know this one, I won’t give away the punchline. However, even if you do, you’ve never seen it told quite like this.

Jeff Olson has been around our profession for years. Coming to network marketing from a background as a mega-successful entrepreneur (he was founder of one of the largest solar technology companies in the U.S.), he quickly learned the ropes and rose to the top of the comp plan in several companies in succession. (He’s even stepped over the field/corporate line and been president of one.) But the place where Jeff has always shone the brightest is in front of a room: he is one of those natural-born speakers and trainers.

In The Slight Edge, Jeff finally takes to the page, and devotes an entire book to exploring one of his favorite themes: that success is not born out of the heroic leap forward, the epic breakthrough, but out of the little, incremental and seemingly insignificant steps one takes day in and day out. True success, says Jeff, is created by everyday actions that, amazingly enough, are easy to do. So why isn’t everyone a success? Because, while those little steps are easy to do, they are just as easy not to do.

In fact, as Jeff explains it, they are not only easy not to do, they’re also easy not to even notice. And to illustrate just how powerful these steps are, how they operate, and the diverse places where one can find them quietly operating in real people’s lives, he takes the reader on a journey of discovery that goes from Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Watson; from compound interest to the physics of space travel; and through every aspect of your life from diet and health to financial success to strong relationships and family health. It’s quite a tour de force, and when you reach the last pages, chances are excellent you have gained a gut-level grasp of the Slight Edge principle that will never be shaken loose.

And that’s a good thing for your business, too—because there is no principle more central to success in network marketing than the power of “the penny doubled” and what Lao Tzu once called “achieving greatness in little things.” That sage of the water buffalo also wrote, “In the universe, the difficult things are done as if they are easy,” and nowhere is this more true than in network marketing, where massive successes are created routinely through the faithful repetition of democratically simple business steps.

One of my favorite parts of the book is Jeff’s description of how, when one of his companies was preparing to open in Germany, he went from knowing absolutely nobody with any German connections to masterminding one of the largest European organizations in networking history. It’s a powerful object lesson in how to open foreign markets, well worth the price of admission.

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