Caveat 1
We learn to love by loving.

Caveat 2
The more love you give away, the more you have left.

Caveat 3
Lessons are repeated, though perhaps in different forms, until they are learned. The relationship is always the greatest teacher.

Caveat 4
Those things we learn, we knew all along, though perhaps in a different form.

Caveat 5
The only people who seem perfect are the ones we don’t really know.

Caveat 6
We are always a novice at each new step and stage of life. (By the time we’ve got certain things down, like parenting, we aren’t at that stage any more.)

Caveat 7
Every person will always give you the answers. Sometimes you have to listen very carefully to learn the questions.

Caveat 8
Remember what’s really important.

Caveat 9
Being effective and experiencing mastery is the most fundamental of all human needs.

Caveat 10
A good teacher shows you step-by-step that what you’re looking for is what you already have.

Caveat 11
Keep your eye on the ball and your head in the game. (This adage from my favorite coach spoke of life as well: “One focused step at a time, yet with a direction and destination.”)

Caveat 12
You don’t have to know all the answers, just get inside your experience and you will be informed. When your head and your gut both agree, you’ll never go wrong.

Caveat 13
Not everything we learn is necessarily something we want to learn.

Caveat 14
For each new stage of life, we are so young at being older. Therefore, we are eternally young.

Caveat 15
We are always teaching people how to respond to us. Our experiences are always consistent with our theories, so it is helpful to know our theories quite well.

Caveat 16
Flowers blossom toward the sunshine, not away from the dark.

Caveat 17
Every lived experience is important and is stored in some way, though not all are retrievable by words or conscious memory.

Caveat 18
Just as a child gives birth to parents, two people give birth to a relationship. Both are more work than you ever imagined, and both are more rewarding than you ever could have imagined.

Caveat 19
We need not be filled with knowing, but of caring to learn. Preserve the curiosity and openness of a beginner’s mind.

Caveat 20
It may not be necessary to understand everything, just as there are some things which can be understood only after they have happened. Sometimes you can only get ready for something after it has already occurred.

Caveat 21
The most fundamental need children have is to look into the mirror of their parents’ belief in them. Same with adults. Our belief in our children is eternalized to become their belief in themselves, so that they do not dream too little, imagine too low, or play too small. Same with adults.

Caveat 22
Nothing in the world is more important than the bond that the child develops in the relationship with each parent. Later, the same is true with adults in significant relationships.

Caveat 23
Bertrand Russell said, “The fundamental defect of fathers is that they want their children to be a credit to them.” Same with mothers. Same with spouses. Same with CEOs. Same with upline.

Caveat 24
Everything we do matters. A corollary: What we do always comes back, though sometimes in altered forms.

Caveat 25
Don’t water last year’s crops. Don’t go to the hardware store for milk. Wishes don’t wash dishes. (My grandmother)

Caveat 26
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Caveat 27
A true freedom is not needing someone else to respond in a particular way in order to proceed or to be happy.

Caveat 28
We define ourselves by the choices we make, choose what information we receive, and decide whom we allow to influence us. Destiny is a step-by-step choice.

DAVID KRUEGER, M.D. is CEO of MentorPath, an executive
coaching practice tailored to the needs of coaches, entrepreneurs,
and healing professionals. He is Mentor and Training Coach at
Coach Training Alliance. He is author of 11 books on success,
money, work, and self-development. This article is excerpted
from Dr. Krueger’s 12th book, soon to be published,
Live a New Life Story: The Essentials of Change, Reinvention and
Personal Success.