Affiliate Program

I have an idea that I believe would benefit Networking Times and all of us in the business. Sometimes I meet network marketers with other companies. I am not trying to recruit them away from their company, but would like to help them in some way. Sometimes I find out that they haven’t heard of your magazine.

Would Networking Times consider setting up an affiliate program that would compensate us for enrolling new subscriptions? This way we could build credibility and integrity with other networkers by recommending an incredible magazine that would help them build their businesses, a magazine that they can recommend to their people as well. This way creates a win-win-win for everyone.

This would create professionalism and integrity for all of us who are trying to build a huge organization—without trying to strip away someone from another company. It helps get the word out about Networking Times to more people coming into our profession, as well as those unacquainted with your magazine. And being compensated would help to subsidize our income while building our teams—and we could recommend you to everyone on our teams as well.

— Cherryl A. Wistos

It’s an attractive idea, and certainly well-intentioned—but, in our view, an impracticable and even a dangerous one. Most professional networkers would raise a hue and cry if we added any type of affiliate or compensation program to our subscription, because it would comprise a competitive business structure. We’ve seen this happen innumerable times with other “complementary” services; it creates havoc in networks at worst, and distraction at best. (Interestingly, Upline magazine originally launched with a full multilevel compensation program; it bombed, until the plan was removed.)

Our suggestion? Recommend us anyway! You will be soundly compensated, if not directly by commission, indirectly by the fruits of good works, which is sometimes the most powerful type of compensation there is!

By the way, we actually do offer a non-monetary reward system for referrals (; refer enough people and your subscription is free for life!—Ed.

Networking Times
: Anti-Christian and Politically Correct?

You really disappoint me with your “Holiday” references instead of using “Christmas.” Can you not be politically correct to the majority of your clientele? I really have reservations buying from you now that I know your management is anti-Christian.

— Joseph M. Montoya, II

There is no profession or business venue anywhere on the planet more inclusive and nondiscriminatory than network marketing—in other words, less anti-anyone. We invite Mr. Montoya to look a little deeper. —Ed.

Mars and Venus

Your lead article [Jan/Feb ‘06, “Networking on Mars and Venus”] was fantastic! Dr. Gray gave me so much clarity on the men/women levels of thinking when it comes to selling. I liked the way follow-up was discussed: keep doing it—without being obnoxious! This article is definitely a keeper, and I want to send this on to some friends in network marketing. Thanks so much for a great article.

— Mary-Kay Perris