I’ve discovered something interesting about human beings. We set goals for our better future, dream big dreams for ourselves—and the moment the goal is in place, we begin berating ourselves:

“Why haven’t I achieved this yet? … Why can’t I stay on track more efficiently or effectively? … Who am I to think I really deserve this big dream, anyway?”

And before it even has time to take root and begin to grow, we’ve squashed this lovely goal into the mud. How? By taking all the invigorating goose-bumps out of achieving that which we most dearly want.

We’ve taken the fun out of it!

In order to achieve our dreams, it’s imperative that we allow ourselves to become positively emotionally involved with them. Every single time you think about that biggest goal of yours, stop what you’re doing for a second: take a moment to picture yourself, right there, in the moment, stepping over the threshold of realization of the dream, let yourself feel the giddy rush of exultation…and then smile.

There! That’s how it feels. Now you’re in the right frame of mind to do the work. You still have to do the work; there’s no way around that. But the more positive-minded and passionate you are, the more quickly that work starts to look like play.

Imagine being so excited about a goal that you’re literally bouncing out of bed every morning and bustling through your shower because you just can’t wait to get rolling again. Imagine, then, sitting down for just 15 minutes each morning to map out your strategies toward this one, specific goal for this one, specific day.

It’s this single-minded passion that creates surprising results. You will soon discover an energetic force that seems to be working in your favor. Things begin going your way at an accelerated pace. You’ve dialed into a great Universal Law: the Law of Attraction.

As soon as you choose certain thoughts, your brain cells are physically affected. These cells vibrate and emit electromagnetic waves. When you increase focus and positive passion, you instantly increase the amplitude of those vibrations and their resulting electromagnetic waves.

When you hold the image of your goal on the screen of your mind, you are vibrating in resonance with the energy necessary for manifesting that goal. When you hold that image of your goal with enthusiasm and a sense of play, all the world’s energy that supports your dream moves toward you at an accelerated pace, and often in the same vibrational mode of fun and enthusiasm.

What are you waiting for? Let the play begin!

BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.