Whether scientist or miracle-minded, no one can be indifferent to Bruce Lipton’s newest findings: all cells in our body are affected by the energy of our thoughts.

A renowned cell biologist, Lipton describes the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning and shows the precise molecular pathways through which this process occurs, in a new field in biology called “epigenetics.”

In 1952, a certain Dr. Mason tried to treat a 15-year-old boy whose body was covered with warts. It was already an established fact among healers that hypnosis could be used successfully to get rid of warts. Mason started his session focusing on the boy’s arm. After he put his patient in trance, he told him his arm would heal and quickly turn into healthy skin.

A week later, the arm was healed. But when Mason showed the result to the surgeon who had tried to help the boy with skin grafts, it turned out there had been a mistake: the boy was not suffering from warts, but from an incurable genetic disease called ichthyosis! When he saw the boy’s arm, the surgeon couldn’t believe his eyes: the arm had evidently been healed using “only” the power of the mind.

Mason continued the hypnosis treatments and the boy who all his life had been teased for his grotesque-looking skin was completely healed. When Mason wrote about his startling experience in medical journals, he became a magnet for patients suffering from the incurable disease. He tried to treat several of them, but unfortunately was never able to get the results he had had with the young boy. Mason attributed his failure to the shift in his own belief: knowing what he knew, he couldn’t go back and trick himself into thinking that he was treating a bad case of warts.

How can the mind override genetic programming, as demonstrated in this story? Since Descartes, modern science (and Western medicine in particular) has made every effort to keep the immaterial mind separated from the physical body. The new science, including quantum physics, now shows us otherwise: our physical body is not controlled by genes and DNA; rather, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic “messages” emanating from our thoughts, both positive and negative.

I have to admit that some of the cellular biology in this book was a little in-depth for me; what got me through it were Lipton’s personal stories, analogies, humor and everyday examples. The main point he drives home is that the energy of our conscious and unconscious beliefs is more efficient in affecting our bodies than any chemical. As alluded to in the last chapter, “Conscious Parenting: Parents as Genetic Engineers,” the implications of these findings for our personal health, our world at large and the evolution of our species are enormous. Think about it, every thought matters!

Hardcover, 224 pages, $25.00; Mountain of Love.