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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

GARY RYAN BLAIR: Create a Big BANG® in 2006: Start a Personal Revolution! (Wednesday, January 4)
The “BANG” in Big BANG® is an acronym for Bold, Ambitious, Noble Goals. Applying the Big BANG® formula to your life or career will help you create monumental, quantum-leap performance and profitability gains. Learn how to create a visionary goal that takes you beyond the next level and into the next orbit!

LAURA KALL: Prospecting Your Way to the Top (Wednesday, January 11)
This course will teach you how to become a master recruiter and inspire your entire organization to prospect their way to the top! Topics will include how to: prospect in everyday life situations; turn any situation into a “prospectable moment”; start conversations with total strangers; maintain control over your prospecting conversations; and become more efficient at following up.

SANDY BOTKIN: Why a Home-Based Business Makes So Much Dollars and Sense (Tuesday, January 17)
This Webinar will show you why having a part-time home based business is much better tax-wise than getting a second job. Topics will include: how to reduce your taxes; how to audit-proof your records from the IRS; how to deduct the equivalent of your kid’s college education and weddings. We’ll also provide some great material for recruiting-in fact, bring your prospects onto the call: it will help bring them into your business!

MICHAEL OLIVER: Addressing Things You Wish People Wouldn’t Say or Ask! (Wednesday, January 18)
Ever hear people say, “Is this a pyramid?” “This is too expensive!” “I don’t have the time…”? How you respond? Most people aren’t saying what you think they’re saying! And your preconceived thinking may be keeping you from achieving the success you’re looking for. In this interactive Webinar you’ll learn how to understand what people are saying and meaning without “handling” them as “objections.”

KIM KLAVER: How to Get People to See What You Have in the First 60 Seconds. (Tuesday, February 14)
Are you ready to start asking for people like you? Instead of having to do therapy on everyone you talk to? Learn to talk as though you’re starting a tennis club. Who would you ask for? Doesn’t it make sense to fill the club with people who already play tennis, or who already want to learn how?

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
January/February 2006


1/3 Steve Siebold: Profile of an Entrepreneur
1/4 Gary Ryan Blair: Create a Big BANG® in 2006: Start a Personal Revolution
1/6-1/8 NU Live in Dallas: More Heart Than Talent
1/10 Ron Marks: Start Smart Using Goals to Accelerate Your Business
1/11 Laura Kall: Prospecting Your Way to the Top
1/17Sandy Botkin: Why a Home-Based Business Makes So Much Dollars and Sense
1/18Michael Oliver: Addressing Things You Wish People Wouldn’t Say or Ask!
1/24 Ellie Drake: Your Brave Heart
1/25 Bob Burg: How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Prospects
1/31 Todd Falcone: Insider’s Secrets of Recruiting Professionals


2/1 Troy Dooly: 10 Core Values of a Winning Team
2/8 Doug Firebaugh: Building a Downline that Multiplies, Not Just Duplicates
2/14 Kim Klaver: How to Get People to See What You Have in the First 60 Seconds
2/21 Karen Phelps: Techniques to Help You Become a Leader of Leaders
2/28 Max Steingart: How to Find a Perfect Match on the Internet for Your Business, Products or Service

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