Natasa and Niki Zimi started their Slovenian network marketing business in April of 2002 (just as we were going into production with the premier issue of Networking Times). One with a university degree and the other with a profitable construction business, the Zimis believed in the intriguing new business model they’d heard about, but struggled to gain the practical know-how to make it work—until an observant upline noticed them and gave them a copy of Networking Times.

"When we started our networking business, we agreed to follow the system we were provided, but it was soon clear that we were not making any headway. Seeing our mentors quit, one after another, we began doubting whether we would ever be able to make this work.

In Slovenia, as in most Eastern-European countries, network marketing is still in its infancy. A few early birds in some Slovenian financial magazines occasionally published a ten-line article in small print about some kind of “new entrepreneurship,” but hardly anyone paid any attention.

We kept nourishing our dreams of freedom and clung to that first impression we had about network marketing. We were ready to make a giant step forward in our business—but we didn’t have the slightest idea how. After more than a year, someone in our upline gave us an issue of Networking Times.

We were utterly astounded. Finally, we could clearly see why network marketing surpasses all the classical forms of business—and here were the people who knew everything about it!

We visited the Networking Times Web site and learned about the Networking University Webinars and started buying some of the excellent materials. The many mentors and masters we found in the Webinars gave us everything we needed. After a few months, we had gotten a pretty clear picture about how this business should be done.

Then, just as we began putting our new-found knowledge to use, the system we’d been following in Slovenia crashed. Had we not learned about Networking University, we would have been out of network marketing forever!

We decided to attend the October, 2004 NU sponsored Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida, where we met and consulted with many of the people we had been listening to in the Webinars. This meeting greatly contributed to our being able to help create a new educational system for our group. Now we are expanding our business into three more European countries.

With Networking University and yourself, there’s really nothing else you need to become successful in this business! Thanks, Damjan, for that first copy of Networking Times, and thanks to Networking University for being the best network marketing resource one could ask for!"