Where Can I Find the Networkers?

There are many networkers who are not active in any business. I am looking for a way to contact this group and some training on what to say to them. Can you help?
— Rich McCain

How to locate such people is a question every networker should be asking, and many are. There are tens of thousands of people who have had past exposure to network marketing, who have some level of understanding and commitment to the profession, and are looking for a new opportunity or would at least be open to considering it.

How to find them? There is no simple or push-button answer here, no national watering hole where all such pre-qualified prospects hang out, waiting. Like most aspects of networking, it's a question of meeting people, getting to know them, having conversations, and learning about them, individually. You may not directly know any experienced networkers, but chances are, someone you know knows someone who knows someone. Keep yourself in circulation and be clear on what and who you're looking for—and eventually they'll find you.

What to say? First, check out the various free Webinars we offer through Networking University; there's a wide range of education, much of which helps to answer that question. Second, no matter what anyone tells you, there are no pat phrases or scripted lines that will work better than natural conversation. As with dating, it's less a matter of what you say, and more a matter of having a genuine interest in the other person. Ask sincere yet noninvasive questions—and then really listen to the answers. And third, be very clear on your own "why"—what you're looking for, and exactly why. Authenticity is your most powerful tool.

Networking Times Around the World

I am a new subscriber to your Web site. Since I am based in the UK, I am wondering if your Networking Times publication is relevant to me, or really more applicable to people in the States?
—Alex Gibson

Great question! In fact, the material in our pages (or, if you're reading online, in our electrons) is just as applicable in any other location on Earth as it is in the States, and many of our most active community members hail from points all over the globe. Our "Networking University Testimonial" this issue is from Natasa and Niki Zimi, who attend our Webinars from Slovenia; past testimonials have been drawn from Dubai, Indonesia and Malaysia. Welcome to the global community of networkers!

The Greatest Contribution

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves ["The Close," Nov/Dec ‘05]. When we choose not to forgive ourselves or each other, we miss out on so many wonderful events. Anyone who has not buried the hatchet knows it takes 10 times more energy to hold a grudge than to forgive and forget.
— Betsy Dewitt