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Nov/Dec 2005    
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Ben Cohen
Lead Story:
Ben Cohen

S. Truett Cathy
NT Interview:
S. Truett Cathy

Corey Citron
Master Networker:
Corey Citron

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Promoting the General Good
When Ben Cohen left school at 26 and started a little Vermont homemade ice cream parlor with his buddy Jerry Greenfield, he little dreamt the two would be creating an international phenomenon. The company became a household name, known both for their money-where-your-mouth-is commitment to social responsibility and their outrageous and freewheeling dedication to fun and hijinks.

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Standing on Principle
Credited as the “father of the chicken sandwich,” S. Truett Cathy, founder of the billion-dollar restaurant chain Chick-fil-A®, has also established an uncompromising legacy of “radical” business principles from which he has consistently refused to deviate. Insisting on “people and principles ahead of profits,” Cathy has also become known for his extraordinary dedication to philanthropic projects.

A Company with a Giving Spirit
When master networker Ray Robbins was honored by his company for his exceptional contributions to the cause, they didn’t just give him a one-time award—they established an annual award in his name. Over the five years since then, five more exceptional individuals have been honored with the “Ray Robbins Giving Spirit Award.”

High Tech – High Touch
Since his first meeting in 1995, Corey Citron has joined nearly 20 networking companies. (He jokes, “The real question is, which companies haven’t I been with?”) Yet there’s method to the madness: over the decade, Corey has steadily mastered the art of duplication.

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Learning How to Fly
Watching Jim Bartlett at the controls of a vintage World War II fighter plane, you’d think he’d been doing it all his life. Watching Jim in business is like that too: he’s built a million-dollar organization in just a year and a half—but that “overnight success” came only after a few decades of patient dedication.

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Learning the Profession
Nothing in Doug Jones’s Ivy League education, tour as a Naval officer in Vietnam or role as controller and then president of the family business prepared him for his encounter with network marketing. As Doug puts it, “I’d never sold anything—which meant I’d never really listened!”

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