Making a contribution is what network marketing is all about. If you have been doing this networking thing for a while, you already know this. If you are new, then this is for you to discover. Gabriel Media Group, Inc., publisher of Networking Times, supports this University because it’s the right thing to do for you. Our faculty supports the University because it’s the right thing to do for you. We do this for you so you can develop the tools that give you the success to pay it forward. This is the right thing to do for the associates you are going to have tomorrow and the next day.

Making a contribution is what this world needs from all of us who are lucky enough to live our lives from choice. We have made choices that provide freedom from the usual box in which most people live. You know the personal value this choice represents for you. You know the opportunity you have created and now offer to others. I’m thankful for what I have worked hard to create, and I know that you are, too.

Our opportunity to enrich the lives of others has only just begun. When you consider how many people you have yet to meet in this lifetime, how many people whose lives will be forever changed because you bumped into them along the way, just imagine the scope and breadth of the positive difference you are making for our world.

This is it! Life doesn’t get any better. And you earned it through your hard work, building your belief, your skills and your person. Notice and acknowledge your contributions. Give yourself some recognition. Don’t wait for someone else to acknowledge you (although in this business, they surely will!); you know more than anyone else about what you have done.

Thanks for being a part of our University community. I appreciate each one of you and the contributions you make—and even more importantly, the ones you are going to make.

We are a powerful group of people dedicated to changing the world one relationship at a time. Stand tall and be proud as you tell the world, “I’m a professional networker!”

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University