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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

T. HARV EKER: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: The Secret Psychology of Wealth (Tuesday, November 1)
In this webinar you will learn: the hidden cause of most financial problems; why knowledge and skill do not create wealth; how your childhood conditioning is affecting you financially today; how to reset your financial “thermostat” for automatic success; and much, much more. Learn and apply the strategies in this webinar, and your financial life will change forever.

MARIAN HEAD: Freedom NOW: How to Enjoy Personal Freedom on Your Way to Financial and Time Freedom (Wednesday, November 9)
Learn personal growth tools used by top networking leaders to attract the kind of people you want to work with, to build a team with positive attitudes, and to experience the joy of freedom on your way to the top! Based on the highly acclaimed book, Revolutionary Agreements, which John Milton Fogg says is a “profoundly practical collection of things to do to be all we desire, dream and deserve.”

DOUG FIREBAUGH: Forget Everything You Know About Network Marketing (Tuesday, November 15)
Just forget everything you know about network marketing, because this webinar is going to turn your world upside down, and your success inside out. It’s radical, out-of-the-box, and will totally change who you are and what you do in networking marketing. Don’t miss it.

BARRY DONALSON: How to Handle Negativity (Tuesday, November 29)
Don’t let others prevent you from living your dreams! This course will give you dozens of techniques that will produce immediate results. We will learn how to deal with conflict and adversity from people you love, and how to recognize and deal with other “success enemies” that keep most distributors from being successful. This course will help you become more effective with your time, get better results by working with the right people, and stay positive when it seems that everything around is negative!

MAX STEINGART: Cracking the Internet Code (Wednesday, November 30)
Your key to identifying the best people on the Internet to talk to about your business. You’ll learn where to find them out of the billions of Web sites, trillions of Web pages and hundreds of millions of people available to you and your business.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
November/December 2005


11/1 T. Harv Eker: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: The Secret Psychology of Wealth
11/2 Jeffery Combs: Profile of an Entrepreneur
11/5 Doug Firebaugh: The Inferno Tour: Six Figure Fire School, 2005/2006 (Dallas, TX)*
11/8 Dave Montague: Power Your Mind to Rocket Your Business
11/9 Marian Head: Freedom NOW: How to Enjoy Personal Freedom on Your Way to Financial Freedom
11/15 Doug Firebaugh: Forget Everything You Know About Network Marketing
11/16 Erica Combs: The Power of Belief
11/29 Barry Donalson: How to Deal with Negitivity
11/30 Max Steingart: Cracking the Internet Code


12/6 Laura Kall: Prospecting Your Way to the Top
12/7 Wendy Weiss: Prospect, Profit, Prosper
12/13 Dale Calvert: 21 Ways to Create Leads in Your Local Market
12/14 Kim Klaver: Does Anyone Know How the Money Gets Made Here?
12/16 Winter Recess Begins

* Networking University sponsored paid event.

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