If there were one piece of writing you’d want to give to your most promising, serious business prospects this season, The Next Millionaires is it. If you remember the splash and buzz that happened when Robert Kiyosaki first released his pro-MLM book, The Business School, then mark your calendar for round two: The Next Millionaires should take our business by storm and touch off a prospecting tornado.

Ever since his breakthrough book Unlimited Wealth first attracted the attention of network marketers in the early 1990s, Paul Zane Pilzer has been one of the profession’s favorite “third party credibility” writers. And no wonder: talk about credentials! The man graduated Wharton to become Citibank’s youngest vice president ever; served as special economic advisor to two U.S. Presidentials; and has written five New York Times bestsellers. And he walks his talk, too, as an entrepreneur in such diverse fields as real estate, software, education and financial services, he earned his first million by age 26, his first ten million by 30.

It’d be hard to imagine a person with more impressive financial credentials, but here’s the best part: he is a big, BIG fan of network marketing. And while he has never been shy about saying so, The Next Millionaires marks the first time he has devoted an entire book to making his case, specifically and emphatically, for why there is such a very bright future ahead for network marketers.

The basic theme of The Next Millionaires is simple: over the next decade, from 2006 to 2016, U.S. household wealth is going to roughly double, from $48 trillion to $100 trillion. (If that sounds radical, Pilzer points out, consider this: it tripled during the 1990s!) Out of that roughly $50 trillion in new wealth, at least $10 trillion will represent individuals who rise from their present entrepreneurial beginnings to become new millionaires. How many new millionaires? Ten million.

That’s right: ten million new millionaires in the next ten years—and many of them, says Pilzer, will earn those fortunes in network marketing.

This is no wide-eyed optimism or empty hype. With his trademark grasp of detail within the big picture, Pilzer carefully walks us through the economic trends and societal shifts behind this entrepreneurial revolution. He explains: the massive migration from corporations to self-employed, home-based businesses; the extraordinary boom in wellness (familiar to readers of The Next Trillion and The Wellness Revolution); the modern world’s profound need for the “educational distribution” function of word-of-mouth marketing; and much more.

His explanation of the true meaning of unemployment opened my eyes. I’d always thought more unemployment meant the economy was bad. Not so, explains Pilzer: it means the leading edge of boom businesses are shifting and we’re not keeping up in how we retrain people to adapt. And there is no better place to do that retraining, says Pilzer, than in network marketing.

And that right there is the key value of the book: Pilzer not only devotes an entire chapter to “Why Direct Selling,” he also refers back to direct selling and network marketing throughout the book as the place to be in the economy of today and tomorrow. An amazing chapter entitled “The Spiritual Nature of Business” nearly made me weep. This is then followed by an extremely practical final chapter, “Your Economic Wellness,” in which the author sketches a blueprint for personal prosperity in the years ahead—one of whose essential ingredients, of course, is network marketing.

Paperback, 110 pages, $12.00; Momentum Media