I can’t get my prospects to pick up the phone when I call them back!” How many times have you heard this one?

It happens to everyone. People don’t show up, don’t answer or don’t reply after expressing interest on an initial call. They disappear and become part of the Prospect Protection Program.

Don’t feel bad; this happens to the best-of-the-best in the business. It is part of the game. Some people simply don’t have the intestinal fortitude or the professionalism to pick up the phone when you call and say they aren’t interested in your opportunity.

There’s good news! There is a way to dramatically reduce the number of people who “no-show” on follow-ups and make you feel better when they don’t show up.

We are all emotional beings. We have highs and lows, good days and bad days. It’s part of life. One thing you don’t want to do is let your emotions get in the way of your production, when someone you thought was going to join decides not to engage.

1. DO a Three-Way Call

During your first call with a prospect, introduce him to another leader to help bring him closer to making a decision on that first call. A third-party validation from another expert may just be the ticket to create enough interest to get him to that next step.

2. DO Firm It Up

Instead of leaving it open-ended, set up a firm follow-up appointment.

When I am going to send further information to prospects, I’ll ask them how soon they will be able to review the information I am sending them. If I’m sending them to a Web site, I may be able to get back to them as early as an hour from the initial call.

The sooner the better! Don’t ever wait longer than you need to in order to make that second call. I will have them tell me when they will be able to look at the information, so we can then talk intelligently about getting them going. Then, I’ll book an appointment to meet with them. I’ll give them two options. If they tell me they can look at the information tomorrow morning, I will ask whether that morning or that afternoon would be better for us to talk. Once I’ve gotten confirmation as to whether morning or afternoon is better, I will then give two options for appointment times and have them choose one of them.

I always make sure they have “penciled me” into their calendar.

3. DO Put the Responsibility on Them

During this process, I give them my phone number and have them repeat it back to me.

At that point, I’ll say something like, “Joe. I am a very busy person. If for any reason you can’t make that appointment, you will give me the professional courtesy of calling me and letting me know you can’t make it, so I can put someone else in your spot, won’t you?”

Once I get their agreement, I now have released myself of any emotional burden I might have felt if they pulled a no-show and I hadn’t gotten that agreement up front. Now, if I call my prospect back and he doesn’t answer, I’m done.

4. DO Be on Time

This is a professional business, and you need to show that in everything you do. Don’t ever be 15 minutes early or five minutes late. Be on time, every time!

5. DON’T Ever Chase

Even though you may have been excited at the possibility of your prospect joining, chasing never works. Leaving 17 messages over the next two weeks is not going to get her into the business. Those who are interested, show up. Those who aren’t, don’t show. It is just that simple. If you fill up your pipeline with enough people, you won’t ever need to worry about coddling pros-pects who aren’t showing any interest.

6. DON’T Get Emotional

Regardless of how well you set up the follow-up, you will still get no-shows. It is part of the business, even when you’re good!

Move forward. Find someone else to talk to about your business. Don’t let someone who can’t even make a simple appointment ruin your day. It just isn’t worth it.

A great majority of your prospecting calls will require a second or third call before they enroll in your business. Do your best. It’s all you can do. Get them to agree to look at the information, agree to a time to meet again, and agree to call you if something comes up and they can’t make it. If they show up, they’re probably interested! If they don’t, they aren’t.

Ask yourself this question: Were you begged, convinced, chased or coerced into joining your company? I doubt it. I have asked this question on calls and on stage in front of hundreds of people; no one has ever said “yes” to that question. So why is it that so many people continue to call back people who never respond?

People who are interested show interest by being there when they say they will, or at least calling you back and re-scheduling if they can’t make it.

Be professional, do your best, and don’t chase. Remember, there are always others who are looking to make a change in the quality of their lives. Keep prospecting!

TODD FALCONE is on the faculty of Networking University
and has been a successful networking field leader for over a decade.
He is a public speaker, trainer and personal coach to several
top producing network marketers. He lives in Seattle
with his wife Carla and son Gianni.