There’s a timeless truth regarding the art of successful recruiting: in order to attract quality leaders, you must become a quality leader.

But how do you become a quality leader? Simple: you first learn to think like a quality leader!

Controversy and Discomfort

My new book, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, makes 25 key distinctions between the middle-class thinker and the world-class thinker. This has created a bit of controversy. The very act of labeling a person’s level of thought seems to make some people uncomfortable. Ironically, this itself is one of the hallmarks of middle-class thinking!

To the average person, comfort is king; any threat to their pleasure-driven existence is often met with open hostility. Have you ever wondered why some prospects become angry when they learn you are offering them a network marketing opportunity? Now you know why.

Their hostile or aggressive reactions toward you are simply the effect—but the cause is middle-class thinking, and specifically, the way middle-class thinking assigns top priority to the values of safety, security and predictable routine. After all, who do you think you are, offering them a one-way ticket to freedom and a shot at a lifestyle they never even dreamed of before? The mere thought of challenging a lifetime of sacredly held beliefs that are rooted in the play-it-safe mentality is enough to create a firestorm of anger in the minds of the masses.

Think About How You Think

We live in a time of rapid-fire change in every facet of our existence; in fact, we live in a time when change is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The only way to stay ahead of the game and prosper is to be constantly upgrading our level of thinking.

The information age is over. We are now living in the age of the mind, and in this age, it is the most mentally tough among us who become the champions. Your top priority should be raising your level of conscious awareness as it relates to your own thought processes, habits and philosophies.

Yes, the 25 distinctions described in my book have stirred some controversy, and made some people uncomfortable. This is nothing but good evidence that they are doing their job. Their purpose is to help you better adapt to change, and to give you the tools to become a champion in the world of today. Their purpose is to challenge you to think about how you think.

From those 25 distinctions, here is a quick summary of the top ten distinctions between middle-class thinkers and world-class thinkers:

1. The middle-class mind competes; the world-class mind creates.

2. The middle-class mind avoids risk; the world-class mind manages risk.

3. The middle-class mind lives in delusion; the world-class mind lives in objective reality.

4. The middle-class mind loves to be comfortable; the world-class mind is comfortable being uncomfortable.

5. The middle-class mind has a lottery mentality; the world-class mind has an abundance mentality.

6. The middle-class mind hungers for security; the world-class mind doesn’t believe security exists.

7. The middle-class mind sacrifices growth for safety; the world-class mind sacrifices safety for growth.

8. The middle-class mind operates out of fear and scarcity; the world-class mind operates from love and abundance.

9. The middle-class mind focuses on having; the world-class mind focuses on being.

10. The middle-class mind sees themselves as victims; the world-class mind sees themselves as responsible.

The critical question to ask yourself is this: in each of these 10 distinctions, which category most closely describes how you think?

Be brutally honest with yourself as you consider these ideas. Don’t feel bad if you discover that you think mostly like the middle class. You’re in the majority!

Birds of a Feather…

Most of us have been conditioned to think in terms of fear, lack and limitation. This is precisely why most people have a difficult time recruiting big thinkers into their organization. Like attracts like. Middle-class thinkers attract other middle-class thinkers. World-class thinkers are repelled by their fear and scarcity consciousness.

This is why the more successful you become, the easier it is to create even more success. Success breeds confidence and thoughts of love and abundance—which is exactly what attracts world-class thinkers to you and your opportunity.

The solution is simple: upgrade your thinking by changing the way you talk to yourself and others.

Continually ask yourself whether you are speaking the language of love and abundance, or the language of fear and scarcity.

Continue to challenge yourself by identifying your language as closer to middle-class or to world-class.

Do this for 30 days and you will begin to experience the transition every great thinker has had to make.

You’ll know you’ve ascended to the throne of the world class when you start to attract champions into your business.

Make a commitment today to leave your middle-class thinking behind. It’s time to move to the next level of awareness and manifest the success you and your team deserve.

STEVE SIEBOLD is on the faculty of Networking University,
and co-founder of the Gove-Siebold Group, a training organization
that helps networkers develop world-class communication skills.