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While many people cringe at the thought of being caught doing something wrong, special associates of a 12-year old wellness company get surprised each year by being caught doing something right.

Six years ago, distributor Ray Robbins was shocked to tears in front of thousands of his peers at their company’s annual convention as CEO Sam Caster saluted Ray’s contributions and inaugurated the “Ray Robbins Giving Spirit Award.” Ray’s well-known dedication throughout the company to being a “road warrior” deserved recognition. That special night, he was honored as though he were the beloved king of the land; testimonials flowed, acknowledging his tireless energy and passion for helping others as he traveled the world serving all, irrespective of personal financial gain.

Since that auspicious evening, five others have received this unexpected high honor for embodying their company’s values and mission “with no intention of personal reward through recognition or financial gain.”

One year later, the audience exploded into rousing, approving applause for the second recipient: Dr. Vicky Arcadi. Vicky had just been living her life doing what she loved to do: helping children. She wasn’t aware that her peers noticed she gave a considerable amount of her time—and the company’s nutritional products—at no cost to those patients who couldn’t afford it. [Dr. Arcadi’s story appeared in the October 2002 issue of Networking Times; Ray Robbins’s story appeared in the January 2005 issue—Ed.]

Dedication to a Cause

The next two years proved pivotal to the financial success of the company’s field representatives. Developing the international market, and spurred on by the desire to bring to market a first rate, seamless international compensation plan, the company took the bold step of making a massive set of changes to their North American plan—and in doing so, they involved their field leadership every step of the way. Face-to-face meetings and teleconferences became the norm as the budding comp plan went through its paces before the eyes of those it would most directly impact.

One associate went well beyond the substantial amount of time many field leaders devoted to this important endeavor. Giving new meaning to the phrase “beyond the call of duty,” Myron Hurlbut was recognized with the third Giving Spirit Award. Putting his own business-building efforts on hold, he applied his skills as an electronics engineer to construct a system that allowed him to run models to see just how the unfolding plan would impact field representatives.

The company’s massive computer capability could also accomplish this feat, but Myron’s single-focused system allowed him to make changes quickly, allowing the joint company-field compensation team to check out new ideas rapidly and see what impact they would have if implemented in the field.

The company’s in-house magazine, Celebrate, praised Myron for his selfless efforts:

“For months, Myron would often complete an analysis after hours of intensive work only to be greeted with yet another refinement, sending him back for hours more.”

Says Myron’s wife Nancy, “Myron was so involved in his work with the compensation plan that he had to cut back on spending time with his grandchildren—the thing that gives him the most joy in the world. He worked all hours of the day and night.”

He asked nothing in return, other than the satisfaction of being in service to the entire field team.

Myron felt honored to be the recipient of an award granted previously to people he so admired for their Giving Spirit. Accepting the award with characteristic dignity, Myron commented that the greatest rewards from his efforts had been the priceless benefits of networking, which included being able to live near two of his grandchildren in central Florida and regularly visiting others in Malaysia.

An Award-Winning Transition

During the compensation plan transition, Ray Robbins’s son Kevin chaired the Compensation Committee of the company’s peer-elected Associate Advisory Council. Like Myron, he selflessly put aside his business for two years to co-facilitate the company-field process with such outstanding results that three years later, in June 2005, the company received the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Success Award for its exceptionally smooth comp plan conversion.

In 2002, with the DSA award still three years in the future, Kevin’s company recognized his extraordinary commitment by honoring him with the Ray Robbins Giving Spirit Award.

Says Kevin, “It’s a tremendous honor to even be considered for this award. When my name was announced on stage I was stunned, honored and nearly overwhelmed by the idea that I was receiving the same award that Myron Hurlbut, Dr. Victoria Arcadi and my dad had all received. It was just wonderful!

“Of course,” he adds, “winning an award named after my dad has particular significance for me.”

Says Natalie Logan, Vice President of Business Systems, and company project manager for the comp plan transition, “Kevin is funny, fair, consistent and hardworking. A team player who is likeable, knowledgeable and honest. He works hard to coordinate the logistics between the field and corporate so that better communication and processes can be established.” Natalie was also honored for her leadership at DSA’s 2005 convention, where she personally received the Success Award on behalf of her company. [Kevin’s story appeared in our June 2003 issue—Ed.]

Doctor with a Servant’s Heart

Like those that preceded him, the 2003 recipient of the Giving Spirit Award was struck speechless when his name was announced from the stage.

Dr. Reg McDaniel, the company’s Medical Director for eight years, met wild applause as he and the audience delighted in the surprise that a non-field associate would be honored with this award. Chairman and CEO Sam Caster says, “There may be no other person I know who has the servant’s heart of Dr. Reg. He works around the clock, providing hope and encouragement.”

Celebrate reported, “Dr. McDaniel often spends time away from home, attending meetings big and small and maintaining a pace that would daunt an Olympic marathoner or a less committed individual.” The magazine went on to print the recipient’s comments:

“I go where the people are and where the need is,” said Dr. McDaniel. “I consider myself the most blessed physician on the planet. I believe it is my role to serve and support, to do so much for so many in so many ways. I couldn’t begin to help nearly as many people, seeing them one at a time, even over a lifetime. I’m not educating only those who show up at meetings, but also those who hear the message from the people I speak to.”

Prior to joining forces with this networking company in 1994, Dr. McDaniel spent 30 years practicing anatomical and clinical pathology, holding positions as the Director of Pathology and Laboratories and Director of Medical Education at Dallas-Ft. Worth Medical Center. In 1996, the American Naturopathic Medical Association recognized his work with their annual “Discovery of the Year Award.”

Dr. McDaniel currently serves as the Medical Director for a ministry founded by the company’s CEO and his wife, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for suffering children through NAP: Nutrition, Attention and Prayer. Reaching some of the world’s neediest children—orphans, children with disabilities and children with life-threatening illnesses—”Dr. Reg” continues to find ways to serve.

“To be a part of something like this is truly humbling,” he says.

Going Strong at Ninety

The most recent Giving Spirit Award went to yet another medical doctor, one who (like Dr. Reg) has an impressive background prior to his networking career. After graduating with honors from the University of Colorado Medical School in 1939, Dr. Rayburne Goen went on to earn his fellowships in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, putting them to work at venues including Chairman of the Medical Section of both St. John Medical Center and St. Francis Hospital.

Receiving the Giving Spirit Award at the age of 90, Dr. Goen spoke of his new career as “helping people help others.” Independent reps and corporate executives alike attest to the energy and passion with which he spreads the news about a new health technology and business model that at first he called “hogwash”!

“I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. I had never heard of multilevel marketing, and these products were completely new to me. Fortunately, I was still open-minded enough to find out for myself. What a revelation! How can I not share this incredible story? I’d rather be doing this than anything else I’ve ever done in my life! To help people and then to watch those people help others is just wonderful.”

In a lengthy December 2001 letter to fellow physicians, Dr. Goen pleaded with his colleagues to listen. Listing 21 complaints (typically attributed to “old age”) for which he had tried a myriad of drugs and alternatives, he reported that 20 were resolved after adding nutrients to his diet.

Still, he wrote, “That result was not enough to convince me. This had to be some sort of fluke!” He relates how he convinced a relative who had decided not to have surgery to try these products as a way to finally prove, once and for all, that they don’t work. He reports, “He had stated he was going to discontinue all drugs—he would rather die than live this miserably. I reminded him that dying is an easy out, but he might not die: he might be disabled by heart attack, stroke, amputations or renal failure and dialysis! I managed to induce him to try these nutrients for four months, with the assurance they absolutely could not harm him.”

His relative survived and thrived. The good doctor was still not convinced! Story after story he wrote of his patients’ experiences, until his medical research and his patients’ results finally convinced him overwhelmingly.

As for his initial skepticism about the network marketing side of sharing these nutrients, Dr. Goen wrote in this same letter:

“I will ask you, Doctor, if I may, how did you advertise when you started your medical practice? Newspaper? Radio? TV? Or word of mouth from satisfied patients? I can guess! So did I! Don’t knock word of mouth! We do not sell products: we educate and introduce the good news to those we love and want to help.

“I am now retired, but I can’t deny my love for medicine, nor yet ignore the recent monumental advancements in the science of nutrition. I am starting a new career (nay, mission!) to share with everyone I meet, this epochal nutritional breakthrough….”

Presenting Dr. Goen with the 2004 Giving Spirit Award, CEO Caster hailed him as “a cheerful giver of his time, his talent and his finances to the benefit of many others. He is a great representative of [our] culture and calling.”

What an honor it is to be acknowledged for living one’s passion in a way that touches others’ lives! Indeed, that is the greatest reward of network marketing.