We have a phrase we’ve used for years to communicate, in just a few brief words, what it is we do, and what it is we offer to ourselves, each other, and the rest of the world around us: hope, health and opportunity.

Health is something everyone understands. More and more, people are placing a greater value on it, too. We are in a wellness revolution, and the signs are everywhere.

Opportunity: same thing. Our definition of “success” is changing; more than ever before, people are looking for opportunities with an expectation for creating lives of personal as well as professional fulfillment.

But what about hope? If health and opportunity are the nouns, the objects of our desire, is hope the verb?

Hope. Seems like such a simple word—but what does it really mean?

Hope is more than simple want. Wanting is part of hoping, sure…but hope itself is so much more. Hope involves your highest ideals, your deepest beliefs.

Want, remember, is another word for lack. It’s a concept that by definition focuses on what’s missing. The sense of want arises from your body—and that’s fine, as far as it goes. But hope comes from the soul. Hope is focused not on what you lack, but on what will fulfill you, what will complete you. In the big picture, hope is what sustains you.

Hope is what started our business. The hope that we could help people by creating a company that would nourish them with our products and offer them opportunity well beyond the financial possibilities. We shared that hope and desire with everyone who joined us. It soon became clear that for everyone becoming involved, being an intimate part of a company of people with that strong, shared philosophy was as important as any of the other benefits of building a business like this. Based on that shared philosophy, together we made it happen and built a company on a foundation of hope, health and opportunity.

I know that we have attracted members because we produce excellent products and have a generous compensation plan. But I am even more certain that we attract people because we hope, both for ourselves and for others.

They say our hopes define us, even to ourselves; our hopes describe the essence of who we are. They help define our purpose in this universe. We all have parts to play, and we must keep playing those parts because we can. That’s not just an opportunity—it’s a wonderful responsibility.

Find a company that has hope—because in our hopes and dreams is the fulfillment of our lives.

MARTA C. CARPENTER is President and CEO of a 23-year-old network marketing company.