I remember sitting in church next to my parents. As the collection plate began weaving through the pews, my dad would lean over and hand me a dollar. I would look up and smile, not really grasping the universal law I was setting in motion as I freely placed the bill into the shiny brass collection plate.

Whether you call it “give and receive,” sowing and reaping” or “karma,” the principle is unchanged: When you do good things for people, good things happen to you. Maybe not right away, but your “karmic bank account gets a deposit. And not just in money; good works, nice words and thoughtful actions all count.

Success-minded people know the importance of making a positive contribution to causes and organizations that reach out and make a difference in society. You don’t need to be rich or even well off to be success-minded, or to make a karmic bank deposit. Every time you make a contribution, you not only better society, you also better yourself.

As you become more successful, it’s important to keep elevating your good works so that they are commensurate with your income. In fact, that may just be the reason your income is growing! The Bible says 10 percent, but I believe you should give as your heart and beliefs guide you. And again, it’s not just about money. Your efforts around the holidays, helping your kids round up some old toys and take them down to a homeless shelter or abused children’s center count towards your development and your kids’, too.

I don’t think my dad even realized the impact that dollar in the collection plate had on me. Here it is, 30-plus years later, and I’m still thinking and talking about it!

So when your children look up and smile because of the good values you’re teaching them, remember: your contribution isn’t just for you, it’s generational. Making a difference is why we’re here. It makes a difference for us, for our families, and sometimes for people we’ll never even have the chance to meet. That’s what giving is about: not caring who gets the credit, caring only about who gets the help.

I believe that right-hearted people are attracted to network marketing, and that they’re the ones who enjoy success. They understand that when these principles are applied with consistent, long-term effort, they’ll be rewarded appropriately.

Sure, some people are attracted just for the money; and isn’t it funny how they come and go?

Have a servant’s heart toward your group and toward your society. Look for ways to contribute, not just around the holiday season, but year round. You’ll be a better person for it.

B.K. BOREYKO is a second-generation network marketer and CEO of a network marketing company.