To Learn Is to Grow

Every living thing on this planet was put here by a creative Mind to create, learn, self-educate and grow.

“Have you considered offering an installment plan for tuition to Networking University?”

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Words of Wisdom
Quotations about the nature of knowledge and education.

A panel of four guest editors ponder the question, “What does continuing education mean to networkers?”

Let Go of Comparisons

Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D.
We often rely on the opinions and approval of others to feel successful, says Jampolsky. But we each control our own success: whether under conscious control or not, our thoughts determine our success or failure every minute of every day.

To China With Love

Mia Doucet
In order to do business successfully in Asia, says international business consultant Doucet, it’s critical to understand some of the key differences between our cultures—and to be willing to modify our Western behavior in several crucial ways.

Let Us Count the Ways

Rosie Spiegel
The real joys and greatest rewards of a network marketing business are often a function of longevity and commitment over time. Destined to be a “reprint classic” for inspiring network organizations for years to come, this essay offers ten compelling benefits that accrue to the committed networker only with the passage of time.

Write a Successful Relationship Story

David Krueger, M.D.
In this fifth excerpt from his book, Live a New Life Story: The Essentials of Change, Reinvention, and Personal Success, Dr. Krueger talks about how to consciously create—to “write”—business relationships based on healthy dynamics, and offers 12 powerful “business relationship principles” along with a set of carefully designed exercises to bring the points home.

Responding to Crisis

Teresa Romain
Despite our best intentions and hopes for smooth sailing, reality inevitably intrudes, bringing with it the telltale hallmarks of emergency, crisis and breakdown. Often we have a “default” way of responding through fear and disempowerment; but with a little preparation, we can train ourselves to respond proactively. Abundance expert Teresa Romain offers this “emergency abundance checklist”: tools for responding positively to crisis.

The Education of Character

After 14 years as a minister, Chris Widener discovered he had reached a larger audience—vastly larger. Having given away his copious library of Internet articles for free, Chris found himself effectively “branded” and decided to launch a career as a public speaker. Mentored by legendary leadership gurus Jim Rohn and John Maxwell, the author of The Angel Inside and coauthor (with Rohn) of 12 Pillars of Success has now become one of the foremost speakers on leadership and character.

On a Mission to Professionalize

After plunging into the networking business at the age of 19 and experiencing a rapid school-of-hard-knocks course in the good, the bad and the ugly, Dani Johnson made a firm decision: she would treat the business as a profession every bit as much as if she were a doctor, lawyer or corporate executive. Today, 14 years later, Dani has emerged from her “retirement” (living on residuals and being a full-time mom) to lead one of the most popular new training programs in the profession.

Networkers as Pillars of Society

When networking corporate founder Isamu Masuda happened to see photographs of polar bears in their natural habitat and saw the animals' fur was soiled and dirty, it brought home the tragedy of human neglect in caring for our planet and life within it. Inspired by that insight, Masuda’s Polar Bear Program, a philanthropic outreach for environmental, wildlife and humanitarian acts of kindness, has flourished to touch lives throughout his company and all over the world.

A Promise Fulfilled

An early experience with networking had left a bad taste in young Keith McEachern’s mouth. Two decades later, when he found himself drawn to the profession again, he drew on those early lessons and began a careful campaign to assemble his personal punch list of qualities and qualifications for the ideal company. It took some time and several successive efforts, but he eventually found the perfect situation.

The Business of Fulfilled Lives

Charles Bennett had enjoyed a successful career in insurance for the past 30 years, most of those joined by his wife and partner Diane. The two worked well together and, by all accounts, were destined to sail off into the sunset as insurance brokers… and that’s when Diane discovered a different type of business, one that would soon create for the couple an entirely new (and far more lucrative) career.

A Shared Career in Wellness

As a CEO with a specialty in turning around ailing hospitals, Stephen Weinstein was steeped in the culture and professional milieu of allopathic medicine, as was Sharon Weinstein, who had worked in the world of nursing for over 35 years. The last thing either expected was to find themselves working in the world of alternative approaches to health—“wellness,” as they would soon learn to call it—let alone doing so as independent representatives of a network marketing company. But sometimes life takes surprising turns.

Listen With Your Heart

Marian Head
Sixth in the series: Two master networkers, Shannon Anima and Ana McClellan, find pathways to success by learning to hear the music behind the lyrics.

Seven Steps to Better Communication

Tess Marshall
Becoming an effective communicator means learning to feel comfortable expressing our needs, wants, likes and dislikes—and sometimes, exercising the self-control to remain silent when we would rather speak. Psychologist Marshall offers seven critical keys to productive communication.

Are You Ready for World-Class Wealth?

Steve Siebold
To an astonishing extent, says “mental toughness coach” Siebold, wealth is an external condition created by one’s internal state of mind. Tracing the different prevailing viewpoints concerning money and wealth, he charts a course for creating world-class perceptions and realities.

Book ’Em!

Karen Phelps
Most party-plan consultants continually struggle to keep their calendars full, but it needn’t be that way. Here are five powerful strategies for filling your calendar—and keeping it full!

Attracting the Right People

Bob Burg
Rather than going out into the world to pursue people, it’s far more effective to draw them to you to make the first contact. Networking expert Burg suggests creating a “funnel” that attracts and draws the right people to you.

The Two Things You Control

Paula Pritchard
When she first began networking, Paula Pritchard felt out of control. “If I needed five lines to reach a goal, I’d sponsor five people and pray!” She eventually learned that there are two (and only two!) factors a networker CAN control—and knowing that made all the difference.

The Core Within the Core

John David Mann
“Network marketing is certainly a teaching business, but it is even more a learning business, and the learning is like the way Aslan describes the world in The Last Battle: each successive world of learning is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.”