Recently, a team member and I compared notes on the benefits of staying with our network marketing businesses and refusing to quit. It struck me that the real joys of this business are often a function of our longevity and our commitment over time.

The thought stayed with me, and turned into ten thoughts. I hope reading them will help confirm this truth for you, too: you should never quit in network marketing!

Reason 1. The Business Grows More Fun All the Time

As you become more seasoned, you will experience more joy and fewer frustrations. And as you learn to handle the challenges that come with business ownership, you profit from the lessons gleaned and enjoy the fruits of your labor and education. Some issues that may have seemed daunting or draining in the beginning (such as dealing with difficult people, or handling prospects’ objections) now solve themselves much more naturally… and you start having a better and better time.

Have you ever noticed how much fun the seasoned professionals in our field seem to be having?

Reason 2. You Gain Posture

Getting the right posture is among the most satisfying professional experiences you will ever have—and this is something that comes only with time and experience. Prospecting hundreds of people to build your business will build moral fiber as much as almost anything else you have done in your life.

The ability to move through your life with the confidence that comes from having approached countless people is an enormous benefit of staying in the business over time. Imagine yourself being unstoppable. What would that mean for you, even beyond your business?

Reason 3. They’ll Be Back

If you stick around long enough, some people who dropped out will come back—and it is a privilege, a thrill and a joy for those of us who are still here to welcome them back into the fray. Staying the course means you understand that it’s not a problem for you when the business is not right for someone else right now. You will go on building, with them or without them. And you know that down the road, when many of them change their minds, you’ll be here for them.

Reason 4. It Just Keeps Getting Better

As your company, your products and services and the profession itself continue to improve, the level of satisfaction of being in this business increases proportionately. Given the changes in our profession and the caliber of professional people who publicly sing its praises, it’s growing easier and easier to explain what an extraordinary business opportunity this is. As professionals in a business that has fully come of age, it is very rewarding (and reassuring!) to know that you have made a sound business decision.

Reason 5. The Friendships Deepen

Your dream team, those in your life who are going to support you in improving your own life as well as the lives of others, will be among the richest networks you have ever been involved with. Spending time with people who believe in the power of networking to achieve time freedom and financial independence is like being in the greatest club in the world.

Reason 6. The Experience Deepens

The opportunities for personal development take on greater meaning and begin to spill over into more and more aspects of your life beyond the business itself. You are in a profession that teaches you to identify what you want out of life, how to influence and inspire others, how to control your own destiny, how to set and achieve your goals, how to manifest true abundance, and how to help other people in order to get what you want. These are core values on which you cannot even put a price tag.

Come for the money. Stay for the personal growth.

Reason 7. You Gradually Banish Fear

As your positive thoughts about your future increase in number, frequency and intensity, your positive state of mind automatically becomes dominant. Soon there are only trace amounts of fear and doubt. This is a great way to live, and a great thing to model for others, including your children. Putting fear to rest will cause a quantum shift in your entire being.

Reason 8. Your Destiny Becomes Accessible

Over time, you develop significantly greater trust in the attaining of your dreams. It becomes a knowing—a deep sense of confidence that you are in control of your destiny. Feeling out of control in one’s life is not a good way to live—and to most, one that is not at all unfamiliar. The converse of this, trusting and believing in yourself and the work path you have chosen, a sense of knowing in which direction you are going, will help you become a new and improved you. And sharing that possibility with others is what networking does at its deepest level.

Reason 9. Your Attitude Shifts to Gratitude

You will develop a very deep sense of gratitude. “Thank God I didn’t quit!”—literally! This attitude of gratitude becomes pervasive in much of what you do. Being grateful is a natural high, and attunes you to be the recipient of more abundance. The more grateful you are, the more you have to be grateful for.

Reason 10. You Will Change Lives—Including Yours

The money is a dream. Even better, knowing that you made it because you got really good at helping other people just makes it that much more of a gift. If you embrace this concept—that you must develop yourself as a leader and help other people in order to achieve your own dreams—you will be blown away by how good it feels to make this money. As you reinvent yourself financially, you will touch many lives along the way.

ROSIE SPIEGEL is a speaker, author,
33-year veteran entrepreneur,
and professional network marketer.