Paula Pritchard’s Top Three

Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
WHY: Because this book is the sum total of everything you need to know to be successful. Everyone should have a copy—highlighted and well-worn.

The Travelers Gift
Andy Andrews
WHY: Because this book encompasses the importance of total commitment and the much larger and frequently overlooked impact your decisions have on others.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind
Dr. Joseph Murphy
WHY: Because when I first read it years ago, it made me realize that everything is within reach and we all have the power within to attain anything our hearts desire.

Todd Falcone’s Top Three

Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
WHY: Because this is one of the greatest books on success ever written—an inside look at some of the wealthiest men in history, with powerful insights you can immediately implement in your business.

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
Norman Vincent-Peale
WHY: Because it teaches networkers the critical importance that fire and enthusiasm play in reaching higher levels in their businesses.

The Richest Man in Babylon
George S. Clason
WHY: Because this short and entertaining read teaches that paying yourself before you pay anyone else is what leads to wealth.

Karen Phelps’s Top Three

The Power of Positive Thinking
Norman Vincent Peale
WHY: Because every networker knows that a positive attitude is essential for success. This book offers simple and easy steps to help you stay positive, even in times of crisis.

Failing Forward
John Maxwell
WHY: Because it shows you it is all right to fail—as long as you learn something from your failures, and that every failure gives you a chance to discover another way that will work.

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do
Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller
WHY: Because in order to build a large organization, you need to be a great leader—and this book gives you five simple strategies for doing exactly that.


Todd Falcone, Karen Phelps and Paula Pritchard are on the faculty of Networking University.