Irene Au Tugiono, a nutritionist and property developer, lives in Indonesia and Malaysia and has been a part-time networker for the last three years with a US-based nutrition company. Her organization now includes more than 5,000 distributors in seven countries. She first learned of Networking University one year ago, and immediately adopted the Webinars as a core part of her business-building strategy.

When I first discovered Networking University, I was so excited to learn that there were so many programs available, with so many different topics taught by qualified professionals and “MLM gurus,” and I grabbed at the rare chance to excel in both my personal development and the growth of my networking business. Since then, I have used the Webinars to expand my personal experience in the art and skills of prospecting, inviting and cold-calling; how to source and buy good leads; and especially, how to build close rapport with networker friends globally. It’s a priceless opportunity!

Four years ago, when I first discovered network marketing, I spent a year researching it before plunging in. I could see that to become a truly professional leader in the market, you must equip yourself with good, in-depth educational knowledge. After learning about the NU programs, I set a goal to complete my Certificate Network Mentors (CNM) with 180 credits within three years—and in just the past 10 months I have already accomplished 100 credits. Having this certificate will upgrade my credentials as a well-qualified leader within the networking profession globally.

I dedicate three hours of learning time daily via the Webinars, reading the Networking Times articles and listening to the free archived programs from the Networking Times library. (In this part of the world, I have to wake up early in the morning to attend the Webinar sessions!) I now also use the Webinars to train all my distributors around the world, including many who are normally out of my reach. It has been the most convenient vehicle for me to grow my group and my business worldwide. I expect that one day the Webinars will be presented in other languages, too, and reach an even wider scope of distributors globally.

Thank you, Networking University, for truly being on the frontier of the networking profession and helping us make network marketing thrive throughout the world!