Okay, Everyone —It’s Back to School!

Fall is in the air and kids are back in school. And so are we! The University has a full lineup of courses for those of you who know that education is the key to success. I’m hearing great reports from our students about the summer courses. Our faculty stepped up to the challenge and delivered. Success is within reach for those of you working your mind and minding your business.

I gave a talk last spring to about 8,000 people at a network marketing conference. I spoke of the need to look at our profession as a legitimate career. I spoke about how proud I feel to be a part of this profession. The response from “closet” network marketers disguised as people “just sharing” their products and services was overwhelming. This is a profession with a long-term future. We’re going places and our University faculty is leading the way!

What courses will you choose this fall? Need to build momentum after taking a well-deserved summer vacation? To improve your ability to build relationships? To support your team? To find more people to tell about your products and services? Networking University offers all that and more through our three departments: personal development, professional development and business development. Which will propel you to success now?

It’s time for the fall push. Let Networking University support you and your team to grow at your fastest rate ever.

Remember, education changes everything!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University