As we head into the autumn months, I sense a change in people’s thinking. We have a renewed motivation to move forward in our lives, to achieve new heights in our businesses. As we see students returning to school, we feel a renewed desire for learning, for finding new ways to improve our lives. Perhaps we set major goals and priorities for ourselves at the first of the year, and now see the last few months of the year approaching.

This is only natural. Every living thing on this planet—whether it breathes air, gulps water through gills, or simply turns its leafy texture to the sun—was put here by a creative Mind to create, learn, self-educate and grow!

It is a place deep within yourself that calls out for this continual growth and self-improvement. It is your “higher self,” that place where an image of perfection dwells and persistently seeks to educate and develop you to reach higher levels.

It is our inner knower: it knows what we can do, even as we doubt our ability to do so. It is acutely aware of all our capabilities and of all the magnificent opportunities available to us moment to moment—if we’ll only be open to them and pursue them with focus and belief.

Education begins by seeing the opportunities closest to you.

Too often, we tend to look outside our current situation for solutions. People often think that another business is better than the one they’re in, because that business seems to offer so much more opportunity. But is the grass really that much greener? The truth is, there are no bad businesses—only people who don’t know enough to see the opportunities in the business they’re in. Open your eyes! Develop a sense of objectivity: see your business and its opportunities as a stranger would.

Then, steep yourself in your own profession. There is no better education than learning in depth about one’s own profession. Devote just one hour each day to studying the history of your business, its foundational principles and precepts. Explore the education available through the Internet; attend conferences for your profession; get involved in mastermind groups of people consciously working every day to raise the bar of your business.

Once you start looking, you will be surprised at how quickly these resources start knocking on your door. And as you pursue your study of your profession, you will soon find yourself becoming a national expert in your field—a respected presence whose opportunities multiply exponentially!

BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.