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Jul/Aug 2005    
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Stephen Covey
Lead Story:
Stephen Covey

Hyrum Smith
Lead Story II:
Hyrum Smith

Ron Marks
NT Interview:
Ron Marks

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An Opportunity for Moral Authority
Author of one of the most famous leadership books of all time (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold over 15 million copies), Dr. Stephen Covey continues to be a defining force in the field of personal growth with his latest bestseller, The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness. He is also an articulate advocate of network marketing, and talks in this issue about the challenges the changing paradigm of leadership poses to the traditional network marketing model.

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The Quest for Inner Peace
Creator of the legendary Franklin planner, Hyrum Smith published a book in 2000 titled What Matters Most. A year later the book’s relevance became suddenly more vivid, when the events of 9/11 thrust people into a time of vastly greater self-reflection. According to a recent survey conducted by Hyrum and his partner Stephen Covey, what people are seeking is exactly what it’s always been: inner peace.

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Staying on Track
Over the last two decades Ron Marks has conducted seminars for hundreds of companies and trained more than a million sales professionals and sales managers. In this issue, Ron talks about a few key strategies he teaches to help home-based businesspeople stay on track with their businesses and their lives.

Think and Grow Riches to Give
As a five-year-old, Dody Wood used to listen to her mother cry herself to sleep with grief and worry over a birth defect that plagued Dody’s brother. Today, as founder and chair of the USA+ Foundation, Dody has found a way to apply her experiences to an outreach effort that helps thousands around the world.

A Quarter-Century of Parties
Alone at home with a six-month-old, Phyllis Luther was going up the walls with nothing but time on her hands, when she reluctantly attending a friend’s home party. A quarter-century later, she looks back at the extraordinary career that grew out of that chance encounter.

For 20 years, Don and LaRee Nooner had worked at network marketing but not quite found the recipe for success. Three years ago, they gave it one last try—and have since grown an organization that has generated over $22 million in sales.

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