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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

DENISE MICHAELS: Testosterone-Free Marketing (Tuesday, July 5)
Women have different concerns about marketing and selling from men. We don’t want to be pushy, manipulative or told we have to act like a man. Yet up till now, “testosterone-heavy” marketing and sales has been the only game in town. Discover amazing strategies that work with your style as a woman. Gain the confidence it takes to succeed as a woman. Stop holding yourself back from the success you truly deserve!

SONIA STRINGER: How to Attract and Sponsor Serious Business Builders (Tuesday, July 19)
This course will teach you the subtle but crucial psychology behind effective sponsoring, including what key things you must do when talking to prospects for them to say “Yes” to your business opportunity. Learn a simple five-step process that will allow you to feel comfortable and confident in approaching anyone about your business. This proven formula is easy to teach to your team and will help them increase their sponsoring success too!

ROSS ARNITSON: Play Your Way to Networking Knowledge and Explosive Growth (Wednesday, July 20)
This course provides an easier way to train your teams by creating an easy systemized training program that can be duplicated and passed on to all the leaders in your organization. By exploring different aspects of training, why many techniques fail and how to avoid those common mistakes, you will learn how to identify the learning styles and training techniques that best suit your team’s needs.

JEFFREY COMBS: Psychology of Closing (Wednesday, August 17)
This course is designed to support any entrepreneur, from seasoned pro to brand new beginner. Jeff’s information will help anyone seeking to enroll new business partners by understanding what it means to close and how to ask for a sale. Once you understand the psychology of closing, the process stops feeling hard and becomes fun!

MARIAN HEAD: Freedom NOW: How to Enjoy Personal Freedom on your way to Financial and Time Freedom (Tuesday, August 30)
Learn personal growth tools used by top networking leaders to attract the kind of people you want to work with, to build a team with positive attitudes, and to experience the joy of freedom on your way to the top! Based on the highly-acclaimed book, Revolutionary Agreements, which networking master John Milton Fogg says is a “profoundly practical collection of things to do to be all we desire, dream and deserve.”

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

July/August 2005


7/5 Denise Michaels: Testosterone-Free Marketing

7/6 Dale Calvert: How to Create Leads with Funded Proposals and Online Auctions

7/12 Troy Dooly: 7 Principles of a Real Networker

7/13 Max Steingart: How to Meet the Right People on the Internet

7/19 Sonia Stringer: How to Attract and Sponsor Serious Business Builders

7/20 Ross Arntson: Play Your Way to Networking Knowledge and Explosive Growth

7/26 Ron Marks: It's About Time

7/27 Todd Falcone: TBD


8/2 Paul Champaneria: Harnessing the Power of Voice Messaging in your Networking Business

8/4 Brian Klemmer: Getting Your Distributors to Truly Own Their Own Businesses

8/10 Johnny Wimbrey: TBD

8/17 Jeff Combs: The Psychology of Closing

8/30 Marian Head: Freedom NOW: How to Enjoy Personal Freedom on your way to Financial and Time Freedom

8/31 John DiLemme: Three Steps to a Million Dollar Day


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