A Commitment to Success

At a networking event last week, I had the good fortune of speaking with one of our University faculty members. I was struck by the force of his commitment to make a real difference in our students’ success. In order to be of the highest service, he was taking a fresh look at the classes he had been teaching for a long time, seeing if there were more ways he could maximize their effectiveness to better meet the University’s mission: to increase the retention of networking professionals who aspire to personal freedom by serving others, with greater skill, integrity and responsibility.

Our conversation exemplified the heart of our faculty: leaders and trainers committed to offering their skills and expertise to support the goals and aspirations of professional networkers worldwide.

Networking University has grown into a new stage of life. The infant years are in the past. We have completed our first goal: 100 one-hour webinars are now available in our course catalog! Fourteen additional courses range from two to 12 credits. In our next stage, you will see two-step programs: first you will be introduced to the content through the one-hour webinar format; this will then be followed by a multi-hour, multi-day or week-long program that will allow for more in-depth skill development.

To view the extensive course catalog, go to www.NetworkingTimes.com, click on the University and then click on “About NU.” In the left column you will see “Course Catalog.” This is our master list of courses. To see just the forthcoming courses, click on “Course List” from the University home page.

Our next stage of development will continue to support you to achieve ever higher levels of excellence and success as a professional networker. We are committed to providing an outstanding return on your investment. Networking University is committed to you.

Let us know how we are doing!



Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University