A Life of Successful Acts
The secret of a successful life is nothing more than committing each day to engage and follow through on those tasks that
matter most.

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Words of Wisdom
Quotations about the nature of time.

Our Times
A panel of four guest editors ponder the question, “How do you make time work for you?”

Remembering What Matters
Stephanie Marston
In today’s task-obsessed culture, says Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul author Marston, we have taken Rene Descartes’ famous dictum, “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) and turned it into “I DO therefore I am.”

Time is a Choice
Jack Perry
How you use time (and how it uses you) comes down to a matter of priorities, choices and decisions. Sometimes the most critical path to using time effectively means honing the ability to say “No”—even if that means shouting in a desert.

Enlightened Indifference
Rosie Spiegel
Does prospecting have to be difficult? Not at all, says Rosie Spiegel: the secret is learning how to surrender, relax and become comfortable within one’s own skin. “My favorite way to describe the prospecting process is that we open our hearts, relax our minds, listen with both ears, open our mouths when appropriate, and speak our truth.”

Your Mind’s Eye
David Krueger, M.D.
In this fourth excerpt from his book, Live a New Life Story: The Essentials of Change, Reinvention, and Personal Success, Dr. Krueger talk about both the subjectivity and the power of vision—that which “crystallizes possibility into a fundamental, articulated idea. Constructing a vision gives hope possibility—a shape and form.”

Are You Looking Through a Problem?
Teresa Romain
If your office walls are red, and you prefer them white, what do you do? Buy some white paint and give them a thorough going over. But what if they were actually white to start with—and you were just wearing red-tinted glasses? And what if you’re looking at your business through “not enough”–tinted glasses?

An Opportunity for Moral Authority
Author of one of the most famous leadership books of all time (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold over 15 million copies), Dr. Stephen Covey continues to be a defining force in the field of personal growth with his latest bestseller, The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness. He is also an articulate advocate of the profession of network marketing. Dr. Covey talks about the changing paradigm of leadership and the challenges it offers to the traditional network marketing model.

The Quest for Inner Peace
Co-creator of the legendary Franklin planner, Hyrum Smith published a book in 2000 titled What Matters Most. A year later the book’s relevance became suddenly more vivid, when the events of 9/11 thrust people into a time of vastly greater self-reflection. Hyrum discusses the results of an extensive survey they’ve recently conducted, which shows that regardless of the social context, the things both Smith and Covey speak about are always relevant, because they are truly timeless.

Staying on Track
After an early start in sales management, managing seminars for the legendary Tom Hopkins at the age of 18, Ron Marks went on to found Results Seminars in 1984. Over the last two decades he has conducted seminars for hundreds of companies and trained more than a million sales professionals and sales managers. In this issue, Ron talks about a few key strategies he teaches to help home-based businesspeople stay on track with their businesses and their lives.

Think and Grow Riches to Give

As a five-year-old, Dody Wood used to listen to her mother cry herself to sleep with grief and worry over a birth defect that plagued Dody’s brother. After 16 years and 22 operations, Dody’s brother was helped tremendously—and Dody had acquire an indelible appreciation for the acts of philanthropy that had paid for the operations. Today, as founder and chair of the USA+ Foundation, Dody has found a way to apply that gratitude to helping thousands around the world.

A Quarter-Century of Parties
Alone at home with a six-month-old and no good employment prospects in her tiny Western Pennsylvania town of Homer City (pop: 1300), Phyllis Luther was going up the walls with nothing but time on her hands. After reluctantly attending a home party at a friend’s house, she decided to hold a party of her own. A quarter-century later, Phyllis looks back at the extraordinarily fulfilling career that grew out of that chance encounter.

At 64, Don Nooner’s 20 years on a network marketing roller coaster had left him with a sizeable mortgage, car and credit card payments, and not enough commission to cover them all. He and his wife LaRee had worked their way to the top of nearly every company they’d joined, only to have them drastically change their comp plans or go out of business. Three years ago, they gave it one last try—and have since grown an organization that has generated over $22 million in sales.

Keep Doing What Works and Change What Doesn’t
Marian Head
Fifth in the series: Three master networkers—William Faucette, Jr., Kathy Martin and Hannah Ineson—all find pathways to success by discerning with clarity those strategies that are working for them, and those that are not.

The Two Hands of Networking
Steve Siebold
Logic and emotion both have their place in a successful networking business, yet either one can be devastating if applied in the wrong context. Siebold provides a brilliantly simple perspective on how to mix hot and cold to achieve the perfect temperature to make a business flourish.

It’s Not About You
Karen Phelps
“Some people grasp the psychology of successful booking right away,” says Party Plan master Karen Phelps, “some never learn it.” According to Phelps, what this psychology boils down to is taking the “me” out of the equation and inviting people to hold their own parties for the benefits that will accrue to them.

Always in Good “F-O-R-M”

Bob Burg
Some people are just natural-born good conversationalists, right? Perhaps, says Burg, but successful networking doesn’t rely on inborn skills. Burg offers a primer on the classic formula for building rapport and starting productive, meaningful conversations out of thin air.

The Closer You Get…
Hilton Johnson
Ten steps to make the enrollment process simple, smooth and easy: 1. Create a State of Agreement; 2. The Summary; 3. Test Questions; 4. Transition; 5. Easily Answered Questions; 6. The Review; 7. A Question of Understanding; 8. Any Questions? 9. The Signature; 10. And Then Shut Up!

The Days
John David Mann
How does your day end? How would you like your life to end? The two questions are not so far apart, says Mann: "What your entire life amounts to is simply the sum of whatever your individual days amount to. Our lives really do come down to this: how we spend each day."