How can I make time work more effectively?” Isn’t this the $100,000 question every entrepreneur who is seeking more results is asking? Isn’t time-money freedom one of the number one reasons people seek to achieve additional income streams?

Regardless of your current income level or how long you have been involved in networking, direct sales or free enterprise, your most valuable commodity will always be your time. Each and every person you connect with begins each day with the same balance in their bank account of time: 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds—and at the end of each day, we are left with a zero balance. Once this time is gone it is irretrievable. This is a fact of life for all of us, from the mega-rich to the struggling brand-new entrepreneur.

To be successful in free enterprise, your thoughts about time and time management must change. In this game you get paid for results, not time. To achieve more income, you must increase your value. The key question you should be asking is, “How do I turn time into money?” How you manage your time effectively is going to have a direct impact on your overall long-term results.

With this in mind, I ask my clients to shift their perception of time to see its intrinsic value. The term “time management” is really a misnomer because time itself is unmanageable. What we have the ability to do is manage ourselves to use time effectively.

For you to produce more results you must focus on revenue-producing activity. For most entrepreneurs, this means prospecting. Achieving massive results in free enterprise means prospecting all the time; it means being open and aware of the people around you, and having the courage to speak to the people who demonstrate the qualities you seek and invite them to look at your opportunity. At least 80 percent of your time should be spent prospecting and attracting new accounts, not shuffling papers, reading books, listening to tapes, gossiping, procrastinating, getting ready to get ready, and a multitude of other excuses people use to divert their attention from the very physical activity that will pay them.

Do the right tasks inef-ficiently and your businesses will survive. Do the wrong tasks efficiently and you will go broke. Take the right action efficiently and some day you will be set for life.

Do what is urgent first, not what is important. Becoming successful requires a mindset that creates urgency in numbers, in action, in task, in leadership, and in all areas. Successful people get tasks done now—this is self-motivation; this is managing yourself to use time effectively.

ERICA COMBS is on the
faculty of Networking University, is the author of the
forthcoming book,
A Woman in Power, and
serves as Vice President of Golden Mastermind Seminars
through which she mentors along with her husband Jeffery Combs.