Macs on the Web?

I have an iMac and Power Book both running on OSX. I am most interested in participating in the eListening audios and the online classes, but understand you do not support the Mac environment at this time. What is your projected date for achieving this?

— Marcia Fry

Although the live webinars are not supported on the Mac, you can still participate in our eLearning and eListening courses at any time. For recorded versions of most of our webinars, go to There is a small charge for each, but they are all compatible with Macs. You can also get a taste of each class by checking out the free 10-minute audio eSamples.

As to the live webinars, some Macintosh users have successfully participated by using “Blue Label Power Emulator” or “Virtual PC.” Unfortunately we cannot offer direct technical support for setting this up, but you can learn more about this subject at:

We will definitely let you know when Mac support becomes available. Just make sure you are subscribed to our Networking University mailing list.

— Enoch Chen
Networking Times


Thanks from the Next Networking Generation
Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful and informative articles. They are a great help to people like myself who are relatively new to network marketing. I’m looking forward to sharing my findings with my team and putting this information to good use. Keep up the good work!

— Roxanne Foster

I am approaching my 50th birthday, married with two children, in debt well over my head and broke. I’m scared, nervous—and excited! Why? Because frankly, I have no place to go but up!

My wife and I are antiques/collectibles dealers and do much of our business in tag sales and on eBay. The reality of eBay is that it offers no residual income and requires an exorbitant amount of time and effort that only occasionally produces any worthwhile income. We have tried a few network marketing companies in the past, only to be disappointed in the results. Lately I have been reconsidering network marketing, after reading The One-Minute Millionaire and a few other books.
Then I happened upon your March/April issue and read the interviews with David Bach and Robert Kiyosaki. These, along with the article by David Krueger, have not only renewed my faith in network marketing, they have given me a completely new outlook on the business. I no longer view it—as I have in the past, and as it is so often presented—as a tool for having more “things” or as a get-rich-quick business, but as a business that allows me to invest and save for the future for my family. And, oh yes—to enjoy today as well!

Thank you for the encouraging tone of all of your articles and the wealth of information you provide.

— Paul S. Dodenhoff