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May/Jun 2005    
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Butch and Hotch
Lead Story:
T. Harv Eker

Danah Zohar
NT Interview:
Dave Stewart

BK Boreyko
Master Networkers:
Devin & Maria Whitworth

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Changing Your Success Blueprint
A conversation with T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and creator of the wildly popular program, "The Millionaire Mind Intensive." Among Eker's following are a good-sized contingent of network marketers, with entire downlines of several hundred at a time attending the program. We spoke with Harv to find out what has networkers in such a rave about his "millionaire mind" ideas, and found he had some fascinating things to say about duplication and network marketing.

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The Evolution of a Profession
One of the most experienced leaders in our profession, David Stewart has: started multinational networking companies; served as CEO for others; been called in as a turnaround expert for still others; and built huge distributor organizations. He directs one of the longest-running tools and training businesses in the business. In this fascinating interview, David talks about how far our profession has come over the years, and what it needs to continue.

Philanthropy at Work
Owner-President and Chief Executive of a 35-year-old networking company, Charles W. Herbster and Lamar Eby felt called by their own core values to take their company to a new place. Teaming up with Habitat for Humanity, they created a vehicle for their IBOs to do some genuinely hands-on charitable work.

Excellence, Education, Leadership
A few years ago, Devin and Maria Whitworth agreed to help out a friend who was evaluating a brand new networking company. Much to their surprise, they soon found themselves not only in and active, but stepping into role after role as trainers, support providers, leaders and pioneers within the company.

PROFILESubscriber Only
A Reality Made of Dreams
Ron Reid left a lucrative Beverly Hills lifestyle for the simple rural life, but financial realities soon came knocking. Through network marketing, he found a way to have the best of both worlds.

PROFILESubscriber Only
More Than Skin Care
When home party hostess Terri Wood decided to dip her toes in the water of

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