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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

JEFFREY COMBS: Psychology of Closing (Wednesday, May, 18)
This course is designed to support any entrepreneur, from seasoned pro to brand new beginner. Jeff’s information will help anyone seeking to enroll new business partners by understanding what it means to close and how to ask for a sale. Once you understand the psychology of closing, the process stops feeling hard and becomes fun!

WENDY WEISS: Five Secrets of Prospecting (Tuesday, May 24)
Is your business booming? Are customers beating down your door? Is your prospect pipeline brimming with possibilities? If you answered, “Well… not really,” then this session is for you. Do-Not-Call Registries and voice mail have made reaching qualified leads more difficult and more frustrating than ever—but despite these challenges, it IS possible to continually fill your sales funnel with viable prospects.

ELLIE DRAKE: Your BraveHeart (Tuesday, June 14)
In most endeavors, your “why” is more important that your “how”: this course will give you tools and techniques to look at both. It’s not “Can I do it?” but “Should I do it?” This course will help you become more efficient, have more posture, and become more profitable in your business.

KAREN PHELPS: Adding Home Presentations to Increase Your Sales and Income (Tuesday, June 21)
Home parties are the fastest and easiest way to grow your business because you’ll never run out of prospects. This course will teach you ‘easy to duplicate,’ proven techniques that will produce more sales, bookings and recruits at every home party you do.

MICHAEL OLIVER: Addressing Things You Wish People Wouldn’t Say (Tuesday, June 28)
Ever hear people say, “Is this a pyramid?” “This is too expensive!” “I don’t have the time…”? How you respond? Most people aren’t saying what you think they’re saying! And your preconceived thinking may be keeping you from achieving the success you’re looking for. In this interactive Webinar you’ll learn how to understand what people are saying and meaning without “handling” them as “objections.”


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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
May/June 2005

5/3 Ron Mark: It’s About Time
5/4 Paula Pritchard: Recruiting Made Simple
5/10 Lisa Jimenez: Rich Life
5/11 Johnny Wimbrey: Million-Dollar Principles for Every Multilevel Marketer
5/12–15 *Network Marketing Mastermind 4: Houston, TX
5/17 Barry Donalson: How to Handle Negativity
5/18 Jeff Combs: Psychology of Closing
5/24 Wendy Weiss: Five Secrets of Prospecting Success
5/25 Brian Klemmer: Getting Your Distributors to Own Their Own Businesses
5/31 John Di Lemme: Three Steps to a Million-Dollar Day

Doug Firebaugh: The Entrance Training
6/6 Mark Helsel: Everything I've Tried Has Failed—Now What?
6/7 Max Steingart: Five Proven Internet Prospecting Secrets
6/14 Ellie Drake: Your Brave Heart
6/15 Kim Klaver: If My Product’s so Good, Why Can’t I Sell it?
6/21 Karen Phelps: Adding Home Presentations to Increase Your Sales and Income
6/22 Erica Combs: Deserve vs. Desire
6/28 Michael Oliver: Addressing Things You Wish People Wouldn’t Say
6/29 Mitch Axelrod: The New Game: Networking Your Way to Success

* Paid event sponsored by Networking University.

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