Erica Combs’s Top Three

Consider for a moment the power you can create in your enterprise by duplicating your personal growth throughout your team. Here are three books to assist you in creating this situation:

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway
By Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.
This will assist you to remain powerful when fear knocks on your door and make decisions to live life on your terms.

The Secrets of Savvy Networking
By Susan RoAne
This book will teach you true networking skills so that you begin creating connections for life.

More Balls Than Hands
By Michael J. Gelb
Gelb’s book will assist you to let go of control as you multi-task to success. If 10 people in your team embarked on a journey of personal growth and development to become leader-growers, just like you, leading a team of leaders who are dedicated to also leading a team of leaders, you can experience a true quantum leap in your success!


Dr. Neecie Moore’s Number One

Awaken the Giant Within
By Anthony Robbins
This is my favorite book on “duplication.” Robbins teaches that if we want to become successful in any area of our lives, the most powerful thing we can do is to find someone who is already outstandingly successful in that area and “model” exactly what they do. Note the way they hold their bodies, the language they use, the way they move. There is no reason to “figure it all out,” says Robbins, if you can simply find someone to model!

Years ago, I wanted to become an effective speaker, but I was shy and riddled with stage fright. I followed Tony’s instruction and found the most effective speaker I’d ever heard, Dr. Patricia Love. I obtained a video tape of hers and spent hours in front of it, modeling her expressions, body movements and tone of voice.

Months later, I spoke at a woman’s convention; following my speech, a woman said, “Honey, you remind me so much of Dr. Patricia Love—have you ever heard of her?” It was the greatest compliment I could have received!

If you want to be outstanding in network marketing, find someone to model.


Dr. NEECIE MOORE are on the
faculty of Networking University.