Mohammad Ghani is a part time networker who lives in Dubai, second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates. He has been with his current company for 20 months and has 4300 distributors in his organization. For months, he has been inviting the people in his organization to the Networking University Webinars. Since many of his fellow Dubai distributors speak no English, Ghani (whose English is excellent) and some of his English-speaking colleagues outfit the Webinars with simultaneous translation for their friends, communicating real-time via the chat room.

"Networking University is a great learning institution! As a fairly new networker, everything Iíve learned about this fantastic profession I have learned by attending the Webinars, reading the journalís powerful articles, and buying and using the various training tools, such as DVDs, CDs, audio cassettes and books. Every presenter Iíve listened to and studied with has had profound know-ledge, great field experience and charisma.

"Being in Dubai, I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. if I want to participate in them as live eventsóbut itís worth sacrificing the sleep and comfort for the return I get! I enjoy thoroughly every Webinar, even when Iím attending one for the second time.

"I have taught my team members what I have learned from Networking Times, and today, after less than two years, I have more then 4000 members in my organization, representing eight different countries.

"Dubai is a place of happening; a lot of networking companies are coming here. People here are in a tremendous learning curve; I hope that in the future, the text of these Webinars may be translated into Arabic for the benefit of Arabic-speaking networkers.

"If you want to be an engineer, you have to go to engineering college; if you want to become a doctor, you have to put in your credit hours and years in medical school. If what you want is to become a successful professional in network marketing, then I strongly recommend that you join the Webinars and get the best they have to offer.

"Thank you, Networking University, and thank you to all the great speakers who present the Webinarsóyou all are doing a great job! Keep the flag of the networking profession flying high!"