A Higher Standard 

Networking University is fast becoming the cornerstone of training for our
profession, and at the same time, all of us—from administration to faculty to students—are helping to hold our profession to a higher standard.

Similar to our dislike of “get rich quick” schemes that have given our profession a bad name in times past, we distinguish ourselves from the “one training is all you need” mentality we often find in our business. Our Certification program demonstrates how seriously we take well-rounded education and career development. Courses in three core departments are required for certification: Personal Development, Professional Development and Business Development. (www.networkingtimes.com/university/certification.php)

Our faculty members are masters in networking and marketing, bringing the best of the best to you via Webinars, books, audios, online training and face-to-face programs. Each faculty member goes through a rigorous application process that requires expertise, outstanding communication skills, and specified course objectives that will lead our students to success. Ongoing student evaluations insure that our high quality is maintained. (www.networkingtimes.com/university/faculty.php)

The courses Networking University offers complement and are generally outside the scope of the product/service training offered by individual networking companies. Companies that do offer courses in our departmental areas can submit those courses for accreditation so that their distributors may earn credit towards certification.

Networking University measures success by the impact we have on the retention rate in our profession. When you keep on keeping on, building your business and your career to a place where you can stand tall and announce to the world, “I am a network marketer!” and the world understands the quality of professionalism, personal dedication, accomplishment, and social contribution that means, then we’re doing our job.

Yours in success!


Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University